10 Explainer Video Examples in Education Industry

Vikas Tiwari
Vikas Tiwari
10 Brilliant Explainer Video Examples in Education Industry

In this post, we will showcase 10 brilliant explainer video examples used in the Education Industry.


An animated explainer video makes complex things simple by both explaining your product or service features to customers and telling them a story they are willing to listen.


10 Explainer Video Examples in Education Industry


Majority of consumers prefer video content to read and for the education industry, animated videos are an excellent tool that can help them communicate with their target audience in an engaging and effective manner.

An explainer video evokes emotions that resonate with the viewers and makes your audience want to follow the story. 2D animated videos bring characters to life, have an eye-catching design and a pleasing animation that can hold the attention of the audience for the entire length of the video.

Today companies are making use of creative videos to deliver their message, share offers, pitch to their investors, explain the benefits of their services and do so much more.

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Let’s take a look at some of the top education videos examples, to understand how companies can impact the education sector with their unique services and products




1. Google


Google For Education can support teachers, students, researchers and organizations with the help of their collaborative tools of G Suite for Education. An online platform, it offers students a Chromebook to encourage collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.


In this explainer video, Google makes use of a simple line art visual style that is analogous to a blackboard inside a classroom. That is combined with the primary brand colors of the company, a pleasing background sound and swift animations that communicate the user interface of the application. All that makes this video not just aesthetically great but as well as effective to communicate the core message regarding Google for Education. 




2. Adobe


The Adobe Education Exchange is a free learning platform and community, designed for educators, to encourage creativity in the classroom.


The video delivers this communication by utilizing basic shape motifs and diverse character illustrations that give a universal appeal to the video. Utilizing an upbeat soundtrack and building upon the simplicity of its visual style the videos goes onto project the courses and resources offered through this platform for teachers to share their expertise and students to learn new skills.





3. Codio


Codio is the only cloud IDE platform for teaching computer programming in schools, universities and the vocational education sector worldwide. Their services also include grading and auto-grading, learning management system (LMS), curriculum authoring, and template features. A perfect tool for attracting an audience.


Codio has made use of an animated video to tell them about the key benefits and features of their products and services. With the help of simple 2D animated graphics, they are able to engage with and capture their viewer’s attention. This 2D animated explainer video example showcases how Codio’s platform can help teachers save time and cost.




4. Wand Education



With the help of this 2D Animated video, Wand Education has been able to showcase their offerings in a more engaging manner. This animated video example focuses on how Wand Education can help teachers save time with the help of their platform.




5. Activate ED


Activate ED is a collaboration of three leading education organizations—The Broad Center, Education Pioneers, and the Strategic Data Project. The platform aims to transform education by supplying top leaders, managers, and analysts for the education industry. With the help of Activate ED, educational institutes will be able to identify top talent and provide them with tools, training, and support all from one platform.


This video communicates the core message by keeping the character at the center of the story and telling the pain-points as well as benefits of the solution from the character’s perspective.





6. Working Education


Working education offers a platform and cloud-based network to help school districts to collect, share and converge data as quickly as possible. In order to meet student needs, teachers need access to data that offer actionable intelligence. In order to streamline this process, Working Education offers a cloud-based solution that is highly automated network and extremely secure. In order to showcase their offering in a creative manner, Working education makes us of a 2D animated that also helps set them apart from their competition.


This 2D animated explainer video highlights Working Education’s unique solutions for educational institutions.




7. Oxbridge


Oxbridge home learning is an online platform that offers quality distance courses at flexible rates. With their distance learning courses, students have unlimited access to a tutor that can provide them with expertise and solutions to their problems. Detailed, well structured and informative, enrolled individuals can complete the course at their own pace in the comfort of their home.


This video example showcases how 2D animated videos are the perfect way to engage potential customers. Oxbridge makes use of this video to showcase their education offerings with the help of a compelling storyline.




8. New Vision for Education


This video combines a minimal visual style combined with typography driven approach that makes it a great example for a conference video in the education industry. The basic shapes and use of primary colors drive a cognitive association with the industry in a great way. 





9. Ellevation


Ellevation, LLC develops a web-based software platform for ELL educators and English learners. The software’s dashboard offers a view of ELL-related data that educators can filter to set goals and track the progress of each student.  view data at the district, grade, classroom, and school levels to view trends and group students. Their set of tools also enable students whose first language is not English, to learn, speak and write English fluently.


An eye-catching 2D animated video, it showcases how Ellevation’s software can help educational institutions enhance productivity.




10. The Ministry of Education – Spot


What is education about if not capturing the imagination of the young minds? And what better way to do it that uses a creative and artistic animated video that traps into the bubbling minds of the students. This video is a great example of how 2D animation can be used to enable just that. 







These above examples of explainer videos have proved to be an effective tool for the brands to explain and educate how they can contribute to educational institutions with the utmost effectiveness, driving audiences to try out their product instantly. 

You too can drive your target customers to try out your product by giving them the opportunity to take an educated decision.  It can all be done with a simple explainer video that narrates your brand story, demonstrates how your product/solution can assist the education industry for the better, and inspire the audience to align with the call to action.


Take Actions


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10 Explainer Video Examples in Education Industry

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