10 Impressive Commercial Videos to Inspire Greatness in You

Vikas Tiwari
Vikas Tiwari

Very often, people think that inbound marketers hate ads. Quite the contrary (although there is still some truth in this). They hate bad advertising that does not provide a high Return on Investment.

You can’t say for sure whether the costs for the advertisement videos presented below were justified by the profit received, but they can rightfully be considered one of the most impressive advertising clips that you have ever seen. For a short period of time, they tell an inspiring, amazing story and make everyone think about important things, and not just fill a 60-second time interval with a meaningless mix of music and video frames.

In this post, I am going to show you 10 inspiring commercial videos that will blow your mind. Some of these videos are amusing, some inspiring, and some will bring tears to your eyes. Each video has an important message to learn from 🙂

1. The Discovery Channel, The world is just awesome

After watching this ad, you will want to immediately turn off the TV and embark on your incredible adventure. When a character watches out on the horizon, to wonder about the universe in all its greatness; from transcending mountaintops above thick, with extraordinary beasts flying overhead, to a rambling metropolis, teeming with a huge number of flourishing spirits, or a demonstration of the achievements of man. Then, at that moment, this video convinces us that the world is truly amazing.

After this video gained 7,000,000 views on YouTube, it was decided to shoot a sequel, which – contrary to all expectations – turned out to be no worse than the original version. And the already famous Boom De Yada has become not only the main theme of advertising, but also the motto of many travelers.

2. Apple Think Different (Think Different)

Apple’s advertising and marketing activities have been, are, and will remain the subject of study for many advertising business professionals. It would be strange if this review could have done without mentioning Apple’s most famous advertisement “Think Different” (1997) campaign, which was designed to establish old relations between the company and its customers, seriously shaken after Steve Jobs’s dismissal. The “new old” leader needed to make the world believe that the company was coming to life, and it was thought to be Different, launched a month after the Macintosh presentation, that became a symbol of its new rise. Advertising encourages consumers to think differently, and through the prism of history shows how much can be achieved and how much can be changed, following this principle: “And let someone say: crazy, we say geniuses. ‘Cause only a madman believes.

3. Nike, Find Your Greatness (Greatness in Each of Us)

Nike is one of the few brands that base their ad campaigns on things that relate to ordinary people. Each video is a small work of art that makes you believe in yourself. The Find your greatness advertising campaign, launched specifically for the 2012 London Olympics, is not about champions or record holders, but about ordinary people who realize their own moments of greatness.

The most popular video of the series within the framework of this campaign is “Jogger”. The video is a classic example of Nike advertising – bold and visually simple, with a populist message in a few lines, also voiced by popular actor Tom Hardy, he talks about a 12 – year-old boy Nathan, proving that greatness is no more unique than ability to breathe.

4. P&G, Thank You Mom (Thanks, Mom)

During 2012 Olympic Games in South Korea, a lot of commercials and short films were created. But people couldn’t stop talking about P&G “Thank You Mom” ad. Mark Pitchard, P&G’s chief marketing and brand development manager, described the campaign very precisely: “We believe that every great athlete has an even more wonderful mom.” The video tells about the everyday, often ungrateful work of mothers – to wake up, feed, send to school, take to training, bandage an injured leg, put to bed – and how maternal support helped future Olympians achieve their dreams. 

5. Coca-Cola, Mean Joe Greene

Fans of American football and consumers loyal to the Coca-Cola brand will probably say that in the entire history of the Super Cup, the video was not shot better than “Mean Joe Greene” (1979). According to Greg Linnemanstons, president of Weidert Group, a leading inbound marketing expert, this is a story of devotion, frustration, and recovery that cannot be forgotten. Many remakes were made in different countries with other athletes, including the Argentine version with Diego Maradonna, but not one makes such an impression as the original version. Joe Greene, a famous American football player, meets a boy in the aisle under the stands of the stadium offering him a Coke. The huge “Mean Joe” drinks, smiles and gives the boy his T-shirt. This video is impressive and inspiring at the same time.

6. Canon Inspired (Inspired)

The name of this fantastic advertisement from Canon fully coincides with the topic of this article. This video is not about photographers, but about people craving adventures. In this advertisement, you will see the of kind of difficulties the photographers face to capture a picture perfectly. The video shows the passion of photographers towards photography and the level upto which they can go to have a perfect shot captured. This video ad gives an emotional touch to the photographers and they can relate to it very well. 

7. Paralympics – London 2012

This ad was launched in 2012 to support athletes at the Paralympic Games. This video shows how much an athlete can achieve when their chances of winning are negligible.

8. Red Bull, Space Jump

Many believe that brand manufacturers should think more broadly, contrary to the concept of Volkswagen. According to this criterion, the Red Bull commercial would be the first in any ranking, because you can rarely see how four world records are set in advertising. As part of the Red Bull Stratos project, Austrian Felix Baumgartner made a unique leap. Climbing to a height of 39,014 meters in a capsule suspended in a balloon filled with helium, he spent a total of 9 minutes 3 seconds in the fall and reached a speed of 1,173 km / h. This fantastic trick not only pushed the limits of human capabilities, but also became a huge scientific breakthrough.


Wayne’s world was a brilliantly absurd comedy and an iconic nod to the rock’n’roll / heavy metal culture of yesteryear. Garth Algar was Wayne’s loyal companion and drum enthusiast who fantasizes about hitting the skins in the big leagues one day, played by the funny and true drummer, Dana Carvey. 25 years later, the people of Zildjian partnered with the drummer of Converge / Mutoid Man [and the comedian] Ben Koller, to recreate some of the magic of Wayne’s World to honor the anniversary of the film and its personalized dishes. The result is an impressive tribute to Guitar Center jammers everywhere.

10. Penguins (BBC)

We burst out laughing after watching this video, right after we saw the penguins start flying. It was funny to see penguins wobbling, taking off and flying with such grace and speed — far less across the world!!

It was in fact a hoax video the BBC made on April Fool’s Day 2008 to advertise their BBC iplayer. They claimed to have discovered a new colony of penguins that had evolved and developed flying ability. The video was a big success-it went viral and in just the first day got over 100,000 views!

But why was this video gets major hit? It is because we all assume profoundly rooted that penguins can not fly. It is sort of like a “rule” which can not be violated. Therefore something shattered in our mental framework when we had the confidence destroyed, although briefly, which then culminated in a wild reaction. Laughter, surprise or amazement-these are our functioning defensive mechanisms at our work as we try to grasp what has just happened.

Although the video is a hoax, it encourages us to to rethink our beliefs.

We hope this list of impressive commercials videos has been inspiring or at least entertaining! Creating an impressive commercial video is a highly challenging task. It requires a lot of experience as well as creativity. If you want your brand to go viral organically then a creative commercial video is a must. If you are a creative person, you can write a great script, execute it and come up with a commercial ad which will attract thousands of people naturally but if you think its too much for you then it’s good to take some professional help. There are numerous companies in the market who are ready to serve you, what a story is one of them, we create amazing commercial videos for brands which viewers can relate with them. Our experienced script writers are able to come up with a script which can not be forgotten easily. So in case, if you are looking for a professional help in creating a commercial video just like the ones listed above, please feel free to drop us a message and we would love to assist you. 

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