10 Must Have Real Estate Videos for Every Realtors

Vikas Tiwari
Vikas Tiwari
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You must be wondering why a realtors should invest their time and money in creating real estate videos. Well, we would say, why not? When you are into real estate, whether you realize it or not, you are a marketer. Your job depends on your selling skills, and that stands synonymous with marketing.

Video has become one of the most consumed content lately. The eloquence and persuasiveness it reflects are indeed unmatchable. In fact, video marketing somewhere has always been there. The significant change we see now is how important it has managed to become for nearly every industry; on pretty much every platform and channel.

Statistically speaking, more than 45 percent of people consume video content on Facebook and Youtube per week. Moreover, around 87 percent of marketing is now being done through videos. Now, that’s one staggering amount! It is safe to say video marketing has indeed taken over the marketing world.

To put things in perspective, video content happens to be one of the easiest content to consume owing to the information being presented in the form of catchy visuals. For a real estate agent, adding videos into its marketing strategy can prove to be a real game-changer. If you, as an agent, have managed to get the cards right, then there is no stopping to your success.

For one to create a successful marketing campaign, it is important that you produce videos relevant to your industry and thereon, promote it effectively. Now that we are done discussing the impact video content can cast, let’s talk about the types of real estate videos an agent should create as soon as possible for the business to soar. We are sure that this will inspire you and get your creative streak on the roll. Therefore, without further delay, let’s get started!

1- Listing Videos:

Listing videos are an effective way to generate leads but only if done right. There is something about seeing the houses one intends to buy even before they visit the location that gets customers excited. It’s like window shopping but not for everyday items but a piece of land. 

It’s typical human behavior that we intend to be more cautious when big numbers are on stakes. It is your job as a realtor to present a house in a way that not only generates views for your video, but helps you gain leads that end up buying what you are marketing.

Here are some tips that will help you shoot a competent listing video:

Figure Out What to Feature

You must sit down with your client and figure out what aspects of the house they want to highlight to raise their house’s worth. A videographer might call it “the reveal” but for a realtor, it is the selling feature of any home.  

For instance, if the listing video is for a beach house, then the blue of the sea and the scenery should be the highpoint of your video.

Buy the Right Equipment:

The right equipment is critical to make a lead-generating listing video. Shaky shots and clumsy panning are the few things that you must avoid at all costs. 

We recommend buying a tripod that has handles for panning and tilting to eliminate all possibilities of a clumsy shot. You might need an adapter for your phone and the right editing tools as well. 

Incorporate Different Angles

If a house lacks a selling feature, then you need to do your best in creating exciting imagery to pique your audience’s interest. For that, you need to be aware of the following shots:

  • Establishing Shot:A full-view shot of the exterior of a property is essential for a listing video. It’s like the cover of a book that should be interesting enough to intrigue even a casual viewer. 
  • Pan Shots: Pan shots are used to capture the extensiveness of a room as they go from left to right vice versa. 
  • Tilt Shots: Filming an empty house is already stale enough, you don’t want your video to look monotone as well. Include some tilt shots that will go from top to bottom or vice versa to increase the variety of shots in your video.
  • Aerial Shot: If a house’s selling feature is its location, then these are effective in capturing its surroundings. Investing in a drone will bring long term benefits and will add substance in your listing video. 

Create an Impact

The ending shot of your video is crucial, and it should mobilize your viewers immediately. A text on an image or you talking to the camera about your contact details is an effective way to call for action. 

2- Interview/Testimonial Videos:

Nothing can help you win over a person’s trust, like testimony from another person. People tend to be more trusting when someone they know, or trust vouches for a service or business. Believe it or not, word of mouth is a great marketing strategy that’s worth your time.

Contact your previous clients whether they are buyers, sellers as well as other persons of interests like architecture, interior designers, etc. and ask them for an interview.

Your previous clients can talk about your services and how you helped them bag a good purchase with occasional shots of their property. If you are starting, then you can interview experts in the field to talk about the architect, interior, and structure of the land you are selling.

You can let your interviewees talk freely, or you can give them a script or some pointers for guidance. Mostly, back and forth questions are enough to steer your conversation in the right direction. 

3- Home Buyer/Seller Advice Videos/How-to” Videos

Youtube presence is another way to win over peoples’ trust through helpful content. You can create a channel to advise people about mortgages, types of leases, and answer their questions through how-to videos.

Once you succeed in garnering enough followers, you won’t need anyone else’s testimony to vouch for your services. People will trust your word over everything else, they’ve heard in the market about an estate. 

4- Property/ Project Videos

There are times when you’ll have to cover properties larger than life such as castles and historical estates. These videos can broaden the horizons of your services and make them look more reliable and credible.

Covering high stake projects like apartment complex and housing communities can give your real estates service a much needed edge. 

These real estate videos cannot be complete without aerial and wide establishing shots. Basic photography equipment won’t help you make an effective property or project video so try investing in some high-end photography equipment. 

5- Neighborhood/Community Video

If a buyers’ preferences do not coincide with what you are selling then no matter how awesome your listing video is, you won’t be able to convert a lead into a customer. 

Neighborhood or community is among the many things that a person with a family will inquire about while searching for a house. If you include shots of the neighborhood in a listing video, then it will save everyone’s time and efforts.

Schools, parks, nearby malls, grocery stores, recreational centers, and hospitals, etc. are the places that should make a cut in your listing video.

6- Construction / Making Videos

As stated earlier, making yourself look reliable is the key to reel in your audience, and what better way to do it then show them the making of a house from the first brick?

A time-lapse construction video of a house makes for an engaging listing video experience. Switching to different shots might get boring after a while in a listing video so you must combine few other video types to create something extraordinary.  

7- Thought Leadership/Team/Office Culture Videos

You might be surprised to find out about all the various ways a potential client uses to gauge your brand’s competence and credibility. They know that they are signing up for a short-term collaboration and will seek assurance about your work force’s character and work ethic. 

One way to soothe their worries is to make an office culture or team video. The purpose of this video is to show how you interact and work with your clients and not how your employees work with each other.

If you are low on budget, then include some footage of your office environment in your brand promotional or “About Me” video to complete the picture instead of investing in a separate video. 

8- Humorous/Themed Videos

While creating content for the internet, appealing to the audience’s interest is imperative. Just like you, there are plenty of realtors out there looking to close a deal so you must set yourself apart from them. 

A humorous narrative or a themed video will help you achieve just that! Make use of festivities like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, etc. to dress up and do something creative. 

Sometimes going eccentric with your video ideas might be the right way to approach some people. Though, be mindful of what you are saying and doing in these videos and steer clear of controversial topics to avoid offending people. 

9- Corporate Videos

Corporate videos can help you build a close association with your clients and win over their trust. It narrates your journey as a real estate company from beginning till end with serene scenery and soothing music. 

It especially dwells on the milestones you’ve achieved in your operational years so far and tries to promote your services as something extraordinary. 

The aim of these videos is to build a connection between you and your clients by telling them who you are, what you do and how you want to be perceived as in the future. 

10. Promotional real estate videos

It can be very challenging for companies to stand out in the midst of heavy competition. You can stay ahead of your competitor only with video content. Perhaps the most common way of using video as an agent of the real estate is via promotional video.

For real estate companies, promotional video is the perfect way to present their brand to potential clients. There is nothing easier than to put a link of your video, where in a few minutes you will introduce yourself, your unique services and values ​​that are important to you in the real estate market. The intention of these videos is to prompt an offer to get early buyer or running a discount on the festival.

Promotional videos encourage you to get personal with your buyers and give them the chance to see something about you which your competitor is not transparent about. When it’s time to compare the two, there’ll be no doubt what’s better in their minds… because they’ve seen yours in practice.

Wrapping Up:

Real estate marketing videos have the potential to make you rise as the ace in the real estate scene. There are so many creative ideas and opportunities waiting to be picked up by a realtor with an eye for potential. 

That realtor can be you if you know how to use the information, we’ve shared with you so far and use it for your brand’s advantage. 

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