10 Top Software Demo Explainer Videos Examples

Vikas Tiwari
Vikas Tiwari
10 Top Software Demo Explainer Videos Examples

In this blog, we will be highlighting 10 top software demo explainer videos examples

The biggest challenge for businesses today is to get their customers to try out their software and learn about how it works. For this business make use of webinars, email campaigns, lucrative sales offers and what not? But all these solutions depend upon the keenness of the customers to try out the product and given their time-sensitive natures these seldom gives you the outcomes you desire.

A much better and highly impactful solution is to create an explainer software demo video that helps demonstrate its working and showcase its features and benefits in an engaging video manner.

Every top software company today has an explainer video for their software solution. It’s a complete no brainer because for their cost explainer videos reach far and wide beyond your traditional marketing channels and can open up new markets for you.

Let’s have a look at some of the top software demo explainer videos

1. Magic Software Enterprises

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd is a global enterprise software company headquartered in Israel. Magic has put together a powerful, flexible and holistic enterprise-grade multi-channel solution that lets IT deliver mobile and desktop application projects quickly, securely and cost-effectively. Developers can focus on delivering attractive apps, with Magic’s reusable components without wasting precious time on repetitive tasks.

The motion graphics animated video example showcases the features and advantages of the enterprise mobility platform by Magic.

2. Kaseya Software Solutions

Kaseya Limited provides cloud IT management solutions for IT departments and managed service providers, for small and medium-sized businesses. VSA by Kaseya helps businesses manage both endpoints and infrastructure using automation to help increase the speed and efficiency at which technicians’ function. Companies can patch Windows, Mac and third-party software’s with the VSA patch management module by automating software maintenance across all platforms.

The animated software video example displays how the unified software solution by Kaseya operates to reduce your OS and application vulnerabilities.

3. Shark Agent – Software For Real Estate

Shark Agent Workflow Platform lies in its flexibility to handle everything from the most common systems to more sophisticated, conditional based workflows for real estate’s entire team, making their brokerage or personal practice more productive and efficient.

This explainer video for real estate agents gives an overview of the Shark Agent CRM and transaction management solution. It uses a character-driven approach to communicate the problems faced by real estate agents and then through dynamic POV shots showcases the various features of the app. 

4. Cast Software

CAST is a technology giant and market leader in Software intelligence, with headquarters in New York City. CAST aims to bring to be efficient and effective in minimizing software risks buy identifying and analyzing vulnerabilities. They are revolutionizing the way companies are developing stable and secure software’s to protect businesses worldwide. With the help of CAST software blueprints, engineers are able to gain significant insights into complex software architecture to identify any flaws.

The animated software video example showcases what CAST has to offer in a fascinating and unique manner.

5. Cornerstone Software

Sales Motivator is a sales commission software system developed by Cornerstone Software. The Sales Motivator portal is a cloud-based end to end solution that provides easy access to key information on sales performance and sales commission pay details. It is loaded with visual feedbacks and tools for managers to make informed decisions and to prioritize strategies that are focused on the areas that support their business goals. The model also allows you to test and evaluate different sales scenarios for accurate forecasting. 

The animated software video example showcases how the software by Cornerstone, allows companies to efficiently manage their sales department.

6. Cloud Sidekick Software

Cloud Sidekick provides an automated, self-service integration and deployment framework for enterprises seeking continuous delivery. The cloud sidekick Velocity Pipeline Optimization Platform offers real-time visibility at every stage of the software development process, automating each phase and fills in the gaps with the help of Velocity. This enables engineers to manage end to end software testing faster, thus ultimately pushing reliable codes faster.

Cloud Sidekick’s animated software video example gives us an overview of the advantages and various features of their Velocity software.

7. Tetra Software

TETRA Software delivers TETRA Platform™ products and solutions engineered to solve complex and large-scale data problems. It helps businesses manage their data assets more efficiently, so they can quickly increase the productivity and ROI of their current technology infrastructure for future growth. From a single unified platform, businesses can manage all aspects of their enterprises like data integration and virtualization to harness the power of their data.

A software animated video example, this video acts as an introduction to TETRA software.

8. Abaninja Software

Abaninja is a new, intuitive software that allows businesses to easily send digital invoices to better manage customers and products. A cloud business software, Abaninja is free of charge for invoices, payment, and reminders for small businesses. The software gives you more control, by allowing you to check the status of your finances whenever you need or wish. The software allows you to manage your customers by organizing their addresses and contact details to optimize customer retention. The portal also allows an organization’s customers to view their offers, payments, and invoices on their dashboard.

A software animated video example, it gives us an overview of how Abaninja allows businesses to digitally create and dispatch invoices and payments without any effort.

9. Critical Software

Critical Software is an international information systems and software company, headquartered in Coimbra, Portugal. The company provides software and system services to guarantee the safety and dependable integrity of software for business-critical applications. Their technical expertise and solutions aim to detect faults, errors, and vulnerabilities in information systems to ensure companies meet industry standards for safety and security.

The animated software video example showcases how Critical Software delivers innovative technologies and solutions for critical information systems.

10. Wordsmith Software

Wordsmith automatically turns data into articles and reports so you can generate personalized articles in real-time for your audience. Essentially an AI writer, Wordsmith can create stories out of your data at an unprecedented speed and scale. The platform enables complete narrative customization, real-time content updates, and a powerful API for flexible publishing. For the e-commerce, retail or finance industry, Wordsmith lets businesses to create an unlimited number of articles using data.

The animated software video example gives us an overview of how Wordsmith automates content to generate unique articles.

Take Actions

These videos have proved to be an effective tool for the brands to explain and educate software applications with the utmost effectiveness, driving audiences to try out their product instantly. 

You can too drive your target customers to try out your product by giving them the opportunity to take an educated decision.  It can all be done with a simple explainer video that narrates your brand story, demonstrates the working of your software, highlights its user interface and inspires the audience to align with the call to action.

At What a Story our team of professional writers, designers and animators will help you create such high-quality explainer videos that can help you generate more leads, boost sales, pitch to investors and create a unique brand value.

10 Top Software Demo Explainer Videos Examples

Over the years we have successfully delivered hundreds of videos for startups and well as enterprise-level companies like Kellogg’s, Cannon, Standard Chartered Bank, NBD Bank, Uber, ICRISAT and many more.

We can help you create videos for:

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  • Product Launch

If you are looking to create an explainer video or learn more about how explainer videos can add value to your business reach out to us, we will provide you with a free video strategy that will help you understand your ROI and convince your stakeholders of the effective impact and returns of explainer videos.

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