20 Best SaaS Explainer Videos Examples 2023

Anish Verma
Anish Verma
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20 Best SaaS Explainer Videos Examples 2023

In this article, take a look at the 20 Best SaaS explainer videos trending in 2023.

You know that a picture tells a thousand words.

A video, on the other hand, can tell the entire story of your company, explain your service and generate leads from all nooks and corners.

If you’re looking to make a video that grabs the attention of your audience, engages them through its entire length and can be made in a timely and cost-effective manner, a SaaS explainer video cum Demo Video is the best option for you.

Let us look at some of the best SaaS Explainer Videos that demonstrate how explainer videos are becoming the fastest way to get prospects to care about your software

1. Upsend – 2D Explainer Video

Utilizing a combination of custom illustrations, icons, and product UI does a great job at breaking down complex pieces of information and simplifying it for the audience. This video already got 100K organic views and generated so many leads.

2. Fronter – Product Demo Video

Fronter’s product demonstration video features bouncing graphics that are both fun and visually striking. Fronter’s software’s key uses can be demonstrated in a fun and lively manner with these jovial graphics.

The use of graphics in this video is sure to excite anyone who views it.

3. JustCall – Explainer cum Demo Video

Sometimes, your UI or UX is the main USP of your product. An example: “JustCall” A clear and concise UI representation can help people understand how your product works.

These UI were recreated so that the viewer could fall in love with it.

4. Cascade – SaaS Explainer Video

Unique approach toward designs & animation. The Cascade video stands out when you are done seeing many generic explainers. Targeted to Enterprise or intermediate size of companies, the video is able to grab their attention, communicate the main features and get contracts.

5. Vidello

A video about Video Saas. Yeah!

Nothing can beat then a Real Person explaining your product, that too if he or she has a charming face. Don’t lie to your self!

Live shoot with Animation impact deeply but it require deep pocket as well. 😀

6. What is Hootsuite?

Colorful illustrations combined with dynamic transitions enable this video to communicate a plethora of information and demonstrate several functionalities in an extremely engaging manner. If you are looking to explain the UI of your product without actually utilizing any screenshots this is a great reference video for you.

7. Pipedrive

Another great example of demonstrating your UI across devices without actually showcasing screenshots, this video does an amazing job at explaining the functionalities of Pipedrive and establishing its context with the people using it.

8. Reltio

This video is a great reference at how you can combine user personas from the real world with 2D animation to demonstrate how they can use your product and how it helps them solve the challenges and problems utilizing your solution.


9. Affable.Ai


3D-looking UI along with minimal iconography & professional voiceover, is what makes the video a great holistic example to communicate the info about your product and demonstrate how users can work around with it.

10. SaaS Manager


An example of a character-driven story this video does a great job at explaining the various problems and challenges faced by the users and how the product comes into the picture to solve them for the users.

11. Beezer


With a metaphorical story-based approach this video uses the brand mascot engagingly to drive home the point about how marketing managers and business owners create and launch their own Mobile App on all mobile devices.

12. StoryChief – Content SaaS Explainer Video

A visually rich character design, gradient color scheme and a dynamic interplay between the UI and the everyday world of the user make this video one of the best references to for SaaS videos.

13. ViGlobal


If you’re looking for a video that communicates your message in an education, informative and simplistic manner a whiteboard animation style is one of the best options to go ahead with. This is a great example of how an employee retention software used a whiteboard animation style to demonstrate the features, benefits, and USP using whiteboard animation.


14. Patient Pop

Have an online tool for a specific industry? Want to reach out to your target audience, deliver your message and start generating leads? This video is a great example of how a healthcare practice company developed a successful explainer video to demonstrate the UI of their online tool to its stakeholders.


15. Tickera


Tickera is a WordPress event ticketing system that allows you to sell event tickets on your website and deliver to buyers digitally, without having to give any cut to third parties. There are more than 20 built-in payment gateways plus all WooCommerce gateways. If you have a similar product and are looking for a unique 3D style animated video to demonstrate its value points, this video is a great reference for you.


16. PerformaYard


To boost their marketing and sales performance PerformaYard used this video that uses a simple animation style combined with demo of their user interface. This kind of visual style becomes greatly helpful to set up the problem and then give a demo of your solution to showcase how it solves them.


17. Asana


Asana uses this video to project how easy it is to user their solution by giving them a demo tour of the product and helping audience learn more about things like product basics, team collaboration and project tasks.


18. Panoramag

This video uses a video game design style and sound design to set up the challenges, tasks and features of the solution. Whilst being engaging, funny and extremely relatable this video does a great job of communicating various possibilities of using the solution for the target audience.


19. CrazyEgg

Want to get your audience hooked onto your video set up the expectation of your audience upfront like how CrazyEgg does in this video. Slightly exaggerated character design makes room for humour and can help deliver complicated information in an engaging manner.

20. AutoDraw

With a simple minimal visual style, this video is a great example of how to bring out the theme of your product through the visual theme of the video. In this case, the product is targeted at general people who want to figure out easy ways to draw using a phone. This video does a great job of communicating its message by presenting a straight forward view to the user and demonstrating the functionality of the product.



These SaaS Explainer Videos have proved to be an effective tool for the brands to explain and educate software applications with the utmost effectiveness, driving audiences to try out their product instantly. 

You can too drive your target customers to try out your product by giving them the opportunity to take an educated decision.  It can all be done with a simple explainer video that narrates your brand story, demonstrates the working of your software, highlights its user interface and inspires the audience to align with the call to action.

At What a Story our team of professional writers, designers and animators will help you create such high-quality SaaS explainer videos that can help you generate more leads, boost sales, pitch to investors and create a unique brand value.


Over the years we have successfully delivered hundreds of videos for startups and well as enterprise-level companies like JustCall, StudioBinder, Cascade, Kellogg’s, Cannon, Standard Chartered Bank, NBD Bank, Uber and many more.

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If you are looking to create an explainer video for SaaS product or learn more about how explainer videos can add value to your business reach out to us, we will provide you with a free video strategy that will help you understand your ROI and convince your stakeholders of the effective impact and returns of explainer videos.

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