5 Best Brand Storytelling Videos 2022

Vikas Tiwari
Vikas Tiwari
5 best brand storytelling videos 2019

Brand storytelling videos are a captivating way of communication and marketing. They create an emotional link for dragging extra attention of the audience.

Our brain attracts visual representation, and that’s why we all enjoy watching scary, hilarious, or royal stories. Isn’t it?

Visual storytelling is a captivating way of communication and marketing for brands. The emotional link in the brand storytelling videos drags extra attention of the audience in admiring your product and services.

Lights, Sound, Camera, and Action

It’s always easy to convey messages through videos

They captivate attention, encourage recall & promote your brand

You must have observed a trend of storytelling marketing on your Facebook or Instagram feeds.

The reason is that every company has a story, and it gets easy for them to shape it in the form of a spectacular video. How easily a brand enters your heart and mind after viewing their touching visual story!

Are you wondering how the emergence of storytelling videos is making the explainer videos go obsoleted? Find your answer below:

  • Hearts of the viewers melt by an emotional bond in the video.
  • Storytelling visuals convey the idea more meaningfully than words.
  • Stories receive higher views than regular, somewhat annoying explainer videos.
  • Storytelling videos are more relatable to life experiences.

Video for every idea!

Let everybody know what you are capable of transmitting your great ideas into the minds of hundreds and thousands of viewers

Convert your potential consumers to customers

For your smooth apprehension, we present five notable and emerging brands storytelling videos

1. Google: a storytelling video on ever-green friendships

Google receives a worldwide appreciation for producing quality, meaningful, and heavenly ads. We can somehow relate its storytelling videos to our everyday lives and feel the purpose. Do you remember this ad of heart-wrenching separation of India and Pakistan in 1947? Watch it again, and you will surely get emotional on the reunion of two old friends.

The citizens of India and Pakistan admired this video as they were able to revive their memories of separation. You can create a fan base for your brand just by bringing some past events into life by storytelling videos.


2. Samsung- visual storytelling of a sports event

Samsung is an expert corporate storyteller. Quoting the inspirational advertisement of Rio Olympic Games in 2016. Pay a glance and see how beautifully they marketed the earbud product in it.

They paid tribute to the Olympic Games in an honest manner. You will notice how they synchronized the promotion of earbud with the video. It serves us with a great idea that by displaying some amazing stories, our products can also be linked up for quick marketing. Its all up to your creativity skills now!


3. Clif Bar- a storytelling video on athletes’ struggles

Clif Bar uses the tactic of marketing those videos that promote their brand values and helps in attracting potential customers. Take an example of this sports video on Clif Bar’s homepage. Its video reflects the core values of the brand about sports and athletes. It showcased a team of bikers on a journey from San Francisco to Alaska. In the video, they showed the spectacular mountains and scenic beauties. The marketing team heroically displayed the difficulties of athletes. This way,  the brand earned immense views and attention from sports freaks and people who like outdoor campaigns. We got a suggestion from this brand that promoting international events and activities can create a positive image of the company.


4. Nike – a storytelling visual of a celebrity’s life

Public always show more interest in a brand which has a celebrity brand ambassador. A celebrity endorsement in a brand increases reliability. Have you seen some of the Nike marketing videos? They usually prefer celebrity-based storytelling visuals as they increase brand value and make it worthwhile to invest money.

Kyrie Irving is the leading role in the video which showcased his endeavors and father’s support in his struggling lives. It was not a mainstream marketing video but a heart-touching message of love for a  father-son relationship. He truly conveyed the meaning of Nike’s slogan “Just do it” and embraced the brand values by gaining his fan’s support.

Here’s an example of a compelling Nike’s storytelling video.


5. Warby Parker- a humorous approach for brand storytelling is a great idea

Warby Parker’s recent humorous storytelling video by its employees was quite captivating. Storytelling marketing does not need to be serious always; am I making sense?

You will see the employees filmed in the video are friendly and sweet, which will make the viewers eager to connect with the brand. It is another fun-based approach that attracts customers by creating a line of a friendly understanding.



Connect with your people by presenting them relatable storytelling visuals

Storytelling videos for businesses are quite helpful in driving leads and making profits. It reflects your values, vision, and goals, hence creating a useful tool for customer-brand relationship.

How many of you agree with me? Creative and authentic video tellings are the optimal method of marketing as it comprises of catching audio and visuals.

Hope this guide will provide you adequate inspirational ideas for starting your brand’s storytelling videos. You can take help from the brands mentioned above and the way they design such compelling storytelling advertisements.

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