About Us

Empowering brands, business & startups to communicate their message and express themselves using the highest quality videos.

Uncompromised Quality

Despite providing our services in a very affordable manner we never do low quality work that can affect our image that we’ve built over the years.

Complete Transparency

We believe communication is the medium for doing great business. We’re extremely honest and transparent about our processes timelines and on going activities

Unmatched Prices

Our videos will leave an impact on your hearts not on your pockets. All our products and services are priced to support startups and young companies.

What a story is a one stop video production studio that focuses on providing the highest quality videos for our clients to help them express their message in the digital world. We bridge the gap when it comes to high production agencies that cost a lot and affordable agencies that are low quality.

There are numerous video agencies that produce decent quality videos but there are very few that understand that video production is a blend of marketing, branding and animation worlds. Without the branding, marketing values & storytelling a video is just a series of animations. We’re an agency that understands your marketing needs and then blends it with our creative skills to produce a high quality video that not only is aesthetic to the eye but also converts well from a marketing angle. 

We started off as individual freelancers on various freelance websites and excelled at doing quality work their, after completing around 500 odd jobs, we thought of coming together as a team and thus What a Story was born.  

Let's work together

We’d love to help you tell your big story to the world, let’s make that happen