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You’ve got your kickass explainer video….
Now what?

You just received the best possible explainer video you could imagine. Now all you have to do is market it right. And that won’t be hard at all, because –

  1. You’re awesome
  2. I have some incredible tips and tricks just for you.

To make your life easier, I have provided a checklist below, which you can follow to get the most out of your video.

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Co-Founder What a Story Pvt Ltd.

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1. Optimization

Video Optimization is the most important part of Video Marketing. Optimization means a video title, description, keywords, and an attention-grabbing thumbnail.

Nobody can explain this better than Brian Dean.
Watch the video below, where he covers all aspects of Video Optimization and how to rank on YouTube.

Let’s break this down into bite size chunks.

To start, let’s create a situation.

“I have a medicine app, from which my audience can order medicine whenever they want. My app is called “MeHealth” and my audience geography is India. My explainer video was created by professionals.

1. Title

Don’t just use your brand name in the video title. There is much more to add. A good title must have these 3 things:

  1. Add a relevant keyword which your audience searches for most often.
  2. Use a number in the title because people want to see new things
  3. Decide the title of your video according to its content. Usually videos are for a particular brand, so use that.

In the case of the medicine app, the best title would be: ‘The Medicine Delivery App of 2019 – MeHealth.’

2. Keywords

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and consider how they will find your product. Get a head start on what your audience searches for using Google’s or YouTube’s search bar.

See the following examples –

Now you know what people are searching for in your industry. Note the keywords, such as:

  • How to order medicine online,
  • Online Medicine Purchase,
  • Medicine delivery App,
  • Online Medicine Delivery in India

You can also use tools like –

Tube buddy: Capable of integrating into YouTube, this extension allows you to see the tags your competitors are using.

YT Cockpit: A research tool for keywords.

You can also use YouTube’s built-in analytics to see where you rank and where you don’t.

Here’s is one more video from an expert to help you through the process!

3. Video Description

If you have a long video, write summary. If you have a short, 1-minute explainer video, however, then copy-paste the exact script. You can still add the selected keywords.

Do not forget to add a strong Call To Action and the appropriate contact info. Add social media pages and URLs as well.

4. Thumbnails

A thumbnail must stand out, so choose a bright background instead of white because YouTube’s interface is already predominately white.

You can also use big typography to make the message clearer.

If it is a live video, use a face in the thumbnail because people like to see personalization. Make this interesting!

Make sure to save this data, because you will need to use it in multiple places too consistently give yourself an appearance of professionalism .

In the thumbnail of the picture above, you can see a story being told. A man is texting, sitting beside a woman who appears to be his crying wife. As a viewer, you’d be totally sucked into the drama.

2. Uploading

Platforms Where you Should Post Your Video

Now that you have a nice title, thumbnail, description, and keywords, it’s time to choose the video hosting service. You can upload on YouTube or Vimeo or Wistia.

Let’s compare them below so you can decide which one is best for your business.

1. Wistia

If it is a live video, use a face in the thumbnail because people like to see personalization. Make this interesting!

Make sure to save this data, because you will need to use it in multiple places too consistently give yourself an appearance of professionalism .

High Quality playback
Fast Speed loading
Lead generation forms inside the video
Branded player design
Detailed analysis
No ads
Upgrade to remove their branding.

Less impact in google SEO
No automatic views. Wistia doesn’t have an audience like YouTube and Vimeo, so don’t expect automatic views
It’s free to use for several videos but if you are a video blogger (vlogger) and create many videos, a different option would be better for you.

2. YouTube

This is the third most-visited website in the world, with 1.3 billion regular users that visit the platform daily to binge watch videos that interest them. Upload the video here for guaranteed automatic views*.

*Only if you have optimized the video well. YouTube also has SEO benefits.

Help: But… I don’t even know what SEO means!

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, or optimizing your content in a way that it appears more easily in search platforms like Google.

For example, a potential customer is searching for “Medicine App” which is a similar topic to your video, so YouTube will show your video and redirect the potential customer to your website.


Free to use
Automatic views
Brief analysis
Huge impact in google SEO
Fast loading

YouTube branding
Slow internet speeds decrease quality

3. Vimeo

If you’re looking for feedback on your film/video, this service is great, as it is specially designed for filmmakers.

Password protection
No advertisements
Mature audience.
Automatic views
Brief analysis
Impact in google SEO
You can buy a subscription to remove their branding

Slow loading
Less reach because this platform requires strong internet, which many countries don’t have yet.

3. Positioning

Additional places to add your video

1. Plaster the video on your landing page

No announcement can be louder than this. A simple video that takes up the screen on your landing page can do wonders.

After you’ve added your explainer video on your landing tab and added a description, you need a CTA button.

Add a Call to Action that prompts your audience to click.

Make your CTA according to your audience. In the picture above, the CTA is “Get my copy!”. If your audience is young, you might make a CTA that interests them, and if your audience consists of businessmen, make a CTA that is relevant to them and their businesses.

2. Create your video schema

For example, if you search ‘Banana cake’ on Google in Australia, the first link you get is a result with an image of the cake, a star-based rating, baking time, the number of votes it has, and the recipe itself!

Here, you can see schema being used. Google has gone ahead and read Best Recipe’s markup and has understood that the information provided is a recipe and has aligned all information in the correct place.

If not for schema, Google could only read semantics, like the words ‘recipe’, ‘cake’, and ‘banana’ and it would not show any additional info like the recipe’s rating, time to bake, or the number of votes it received. A blog that has schema will be preferred much more than a blog that does not have schema.

Schema can be used for your video too!

Now that you know how beneficial it is, add it to your site through this link here.

3. App Store

If you have a mobile app for your company, place your video in the IOS App Store and the Google Play Store. This is something that most apps do not have, so your video will definitely stand out.

4. Make your email signature

5. Writing articles for your video

Remember how I talked about SEO? Well, here’s a method that can help you optimize your searches a bit more.
Write an engaging article using keywords and cleverly place your video in between, this way you can –

  • Offer value to the customer
  • Update your website and attract more traffic
  • Bring more customers to your video
    (Or, if you want, you can write an article about your video and embed your video in it!)

6. Press releases

When publishing a press release, incorporate the video in the content. See how beneficial this is here.

7. Play at events

Don’t forget to play your video at local and international events. It gives you immediate attention.

8. Print material

If you have a standee or a printed brochure, place a nice juicy QR code of your video!

4. Social Media

Although I’ve already discussed most social media platforms individually, I want to highlight four essential practices which should always be implemented.

  1. Upload (instead of sharing)
  2. Pin (Pin your video to the top of your page)
  3. Story (Post as a story)
  4. Group share (spread your video in groups by sharing it)

This formula is called ‘The Upsag Essential’.
U – upload, P – pin, S – story, And G – group.

1. Facebook

Yes! Stick your video in your customers’ newsfeeds. Right in their faces. Woohoo!

  • Pin your video at the top of your page
  • Upload your video directly on Facebook because it will perform 4x better!
  • Use a natural and searchable title.
  • Add a call to action. Facebook will ask you where precisely you wish to direct your viewers after they watch your kickass video. Make sure to use this function.
  1. Write an engaging preview to the video in the caption.
    Here’s an example:
    “After 20 years of struggling to start up my business, I thought… Heck, why don’t I try outsourcing it online? Here’s what happened…”

  2. Time your posts
    Release your video when your audience is watching. Consider the demographics of your video and plan accordingly.

  3. Dabble into Facebook insights
    Facebook insights will dissect your entire page’s performance.

You can check data like –

  • Your audience’s age
  • How long they engaged with your video
  • When you gain followers
  • When you lose followers
  • And much more!

Give Facebook money!

Facebook will love you if you give it money. Try boosting your video by converting it into an ad and it will reach way more people.

Pssst: Make sure to go live with your video! Not many brands do this, and most people still have their notifications turned on for live videos. So, make the most of it!

Check out this video to see the A-Z of Facebook ads.

2. Twitter

1. Twitter

  • Tweet your explainer video, and hey… Use the right keywords 🙂
  • Pin the video on your profile.
  • Just like Facebook, tweet when you know your audience is online.
  • Use up to 2 hashtags. Too many make it look like you’re spamming your audience – and you’re not. You have something amazing to share!
  • Twitter advanced search can help you discover potential customers for your business.

For example, let’s say you make an anti-virus software, search for words like ‘virus’, ‘anti-virus’, or ‘slow computer’ and you’ll come across a large number of people who searched the same thing, and who also might just be waiting for your badass product.
Check this link to see other ways of advertising on Twitter.

3. Linkedin

  • Infiltrate relevant groups and post your stunning video there.
  • Pin your video at the top of your profile
  • Upload your video on LinkedIn itself rather than using a link.
  • Give LinkedIn money. (Pid advertising is a great way to make others notice your content)

4. Instagram

You can do so much with Instagram that another eBook could be written about it. However, here are a few practical tips.

  • Upload the most engaging part of your explainer video in your story.
  • Use relatable hashtags.
  • Give Instagram money (At some point, you will want to consider this option).

5. Whatsapp

6. Quora / Reddit

If you want to infiltrate this super-active community with your badass equipment, make sure to cleverly place your video using these two easy techniques:

  • When answering a question make sure to either embed your video or leave a link
  • If you can answer a query with a GIF from your video, that would be awesome. If you can’t do that, add a GIF anyway. They make you seem cool.

7. Directories

5. Email Marketing

​Get in your customer’s mail! Stuff your video down their throats! We’re presuming that you already have a list of emails of potential clients. Follow these actionable tips before sending them your magic video.

1. Use an engaging subject line.

Look at this email from
The subject line is “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

2. Embed the video

3. Add a play button on your thumbnail, even if it’s static.

Guys, this technique just works.

4. Maybe add some funny GIFs?

This is a sure way to increase your video open rate. Look at what Codecademy did here. They added a GIF of a fat dude jumping from one icy ledge to the other. And it definitely got our attention.

6. Strategy

Analyzing your Strategy Post-release

Your video can always be tweaked according to the likes of the audience. I suggest that every few months, you analyze your video’s performance.

1. Analyze

How many people watched your video and how many likes and dislikes your video received.

2. See

At which time frame did most people stop watching your video? Do you think your video became boring after that?

3. Shorten or edit your video accordingly.

7. Resources

If you’re looking for professionals to make your video, reach out to us. I am always open to making videos with badass creative people like yourself.

Want to go ahead and learn more about how to market your video? Please be sure to check out the video below.

And that’s it!

If you’re looking for professionals to make your video, reach out to us. I am always open to making videos with badass creative people like yourself.

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Your video can always be tweaked according to the likes of the audience. I suggest that every few months, you analyze your video’s performance.