Case Study : Call Ambulance

What makes an emergency App so special that they got 37k+ organic views

Call Ambulance (Now G1) is an innovative technology platform that focuses on Emergency and Preventive Health care. Using the platform, your location is shared with 108 via GPS technology enabling ambulance drivers to easily reach you. With a circuit of 53 hospitals and 550 ambulances, they’ve got you covered.

Their Goals

An extremely noble and creative product needed an animation video to explain their product to the consumers and the vendors beter in order to save lives together and faster.

Our Solution

After a discussion with Agency – Raasta films, the script started coming into the places, Understanding the business model, the target audience, decoding the music, voice over, presentation style were the basic mandates that enabled us to create a video that informed the end consumers about the blessings available to them.

We create a clear message

Every element added its own specialty to the video. While the animation was a cakewalk for our team of experts, scene transition was paid extra attention to. The team wanted no compromise in the story flow.

A sharp voice was chosen to convey
seriousness, a rare grungy pictogram style was opted. A conditional SFX and music were chosen to garnish the video’s presentation and make it exciting and informative at the same time.

Here are the layers of sound


To no surprise, the video got tremendous response from the consumer base, and gained 37,000 ever-increasing organic views. It became popular among the audience in no time and The Art of Living shared the video on their social media channels. And all this, without spending a penny on the video.

Good content goes to places. Along with local newspapers and channels, the brand was covered and mentioned by The Art of Living, The Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, Indian Express, Metro India, Hybiz TV, iNews, ABN etc.

All our efforts came to life with increasing 17% downloads* and customer base. Every day a new person sees the video and a new life is saved. And there could be no greater satisfaction than that. G1 is dedicated to making a positive change in the world, and with our superior services, we stand by them.

As if this wasn’t overwhelming enough, clips from the video were even used for the App reviews on YouTube and other channels.

We definitely believed in the work that this team would deliver but were skeptical about the bandwidth. The deliverables were on time and coordination was always right between the teams. On-time delivery and good communication channels between the stakeholders. Go and meet these people and your things are sorted when it comes to animation video needed!

Raasta Studio. Producer for this video

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Drop an email:
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