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We are one of the top video production companies in India and narrate captivating stories about our products or services in combination with the needs of customers to its clients. We offer services, such as animated explainer videos and motion graphics. We lead in corporate video production and propose reasonable corporate video production prices.

What is a corporate video and what decides corporate video production prices?

The days are gone when companies use to publish flyers and posters and web ads as well to reach out to their audience. In these modern times, the best and most convenient way to reach out to the audience is through corporate video production.

Corporate video production means any kind of non-advertisement based video content generated for and commissioned by a corporation, firm or organization. A marketing director or corporate communications manager is often responsible for corporate video production and decides the corporate video production prices.

What is the process of corporate video production and how does it affect the corporate video production prices?

The process of corporate video production involves the following steps:

  • Pre-production:  Firstly, a budget is finalized which is a very important tool in the process of the pre-production that helps everyone understand the price involved in the same and its limitations. Therefore, it is better to prepare a creative brief in which estimation of the budget allocation can be outlined. Subsequently, a concept is brainstormed along with an outline of the script. If there is a requirement for a voiceover, then it is mostly recorded prior to the production.

  • Production: A screenplay is drafted to execute the sequential act once the style is determined.

  • The live-action videos, when produced, comprise setting up a location for shooting and recruiting professional actors and filming with an expert camera crew.

  • The animated videos’ production consists of creating artworks based on the fixed parameters and screenplay and subsequently providing animated after-effects.

  • Post-production: The post-production phase commences after the corporate video is developed. Afterward, the final editing and polishing are done to ensure that no glitch remains in graphical presentation and audiometry.

How will corporate video help grow your business and where will you get reasonable corporate video production prices?

We produce professional corporate videos that highlight your brand’s identity to a mass audience. When we upload the corporate videos of your products or services on the internet or social media, you can get a range of corporate video solutions designed to attract clients. In the meantime, you can also acquire a robust brand-awareness that can lead to the generation of more revenue for the business and reach new horizons. 

Corporate video production is not an easy task as it looks. While looking at YouTube and web videos, one can think that it may not have taken much effort and time in their preparation. But this is not true. A lot of effort is required to create and put forward even a 5-minute video. Hence, a lot of money is required as well. However, corporate video production prices are very reasonable at our end.

Key factors determining corporate video production prices

Mentioned below are various factors that determine corporate video production prices:

  • Length of the video: The total length of the video will determine the cost involved in its creation.

  • Animation: Animation and motion graphics are inexpensive options than filming a similar scene with locations and actors. The script of your video should be precise and simple. It should focus on the subject and the costs involved in the same should be minimal.

  • The number of production days: Firstly, there is a need to settle on the number of days for shooting. In this regard, you need to be very specific and clear about the locations identified for the shooting. This should also be discussed with the video production team well in advance to seek their views and guidance. Also important is a thorough and proper analysis of the number of interviews to be conducted. Once the content part is finalized and approved, the production days are fixed.

  • Quality of talent: Premium quality videos are needed to showcase your products to C-level executives. This can only be achieved with Bollywood-level endowments, such as Director, Writer, Camera and Light men and other crew members. Hence, to achieve high-quality premium videos will directly reflect into the cost involved in it. While inviting/collecting quotations, it is always better to fix an estimation.

Corporate video production and corporate video production prices in the current scenario

Corporate video production has become compulsory for the promotion of business as per the developments and mandate of the online market. If one is looking for the best corporate video production, then contact us where a team of creatives will provide a wide range of production services to help promote your products or services. Also, we offer you the best corporate video production prices. Corporate video making requires an investment of at least Rs 1 lakh to Rs 20 lakh.


We create exclusive corporate video production and offer reasonable corporate video production prices. To attract attention from a large number of people, one should have a distinctive offer for future possible clients to connect. We can present your brand in such a unique way that it can alter customer’s perceptions towards your products or services. Also, we design catchy, small, entertaining and attention-grabbing videos because nowadays people are very busy in their lives and have no time to go through the full brochure to gain insights about the milestones of the company. Our vision is to make corporate videos and help customers place the same on social media platforms as this is the only best way to propagate ideas and share opinions, and also take the views of the public into account. Now, it is an appropriate time to connect with us for quality services, so that clients are able to flourish their businesses to the next level. This makes them stand out from the crowd.

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