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What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short video used by businesses to tell what they do and how they can solve their customer’s problems. Explainer videos can be used to explain the details of a new product, services of company or conveying an idea with customers. 

According to various studies, its proven, people pay more attention to videos and animations than to text on a web page, that is, when people enter a website and see lots of text, they usually leave, they prefer to look for a summary or a quick help of information.

With explainer videos, you will have a quick way to capture the attention of customers but it should be direct, fast and understandable.

Why Use an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are a great way to capture the customers attention. With the help of explainer videos you can inform, pitch or educate the customers in an appealing way. 

The explainer video allows you to tell a story in an engaging format where there is no real recording but rather the whole plot is developed by animated characters, scenarios and moving texts.

Animation in explainer videos allows you to capture the attention of the spectator in a much more dynamic and powerful way since it is a nice and pleasant format.

Explainer videos offer numerous advantages over traditional videos. Following are some of the main advantages of using explainer videos. 

They Generate Value

Explainer videos generate value and do so in different ways. With explainer videos a topic of great relevance can be presented in a much more digestible and quick way. 

Easily Understandable

Visual nature of an explainer video makes the learning process much easier.  In a few seconds or in a couple of minutes you can understand complicated concepts and complex processes.

High Return on Investment

When comparing with the cost of other marketing strategies within companies it is evident that the explainer videos are the ones that deliver the best returns. Their prices are not always so high and they are very effective for achieving the proposed objectives.

Easy Distribution

With the help of social media channels, video streaming websites, Explainer videos are very easy to distribute. 

Increase Sales

We cannot talk about the advantages of explainer videos without mentioning their help in sales. Explainer videos are broadly used by sales teams to educate potential customers about the benefits of product or services. 

Delhi Based Startup Inshorts got 3 million views+ with their explainer videos. This is mind-blowing ROI.

What are some characteristics of a great Explainer video?


Process of making Explainer Video


We think through your audience perspective and make a clear message for them to know about you. We write the concept, script and visualization for you to review! 


This is where we decide what kind of scene will suit your business. We make Illustration artwork, Animation, Voice recording, sound and SFX.


Without proper distribution, your video is just another video. We help you to share/publish the video among digital platforms in a manner to get more eyeball and engagement on the video. Overall, this is where you get ROI.

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What a Story: The Best Explainer Video Company in Delhi

If you are not finding yourself capable of creating a top notch explainer video then don’t jump in the sea full of crocodiles just contact a professional explainer video company in delhi and they will fulfill all your need and help you create an engaging explainer video.

What a Story is the top Explainer Video Company in Delhi with years of experience with explainer video production.

At What a Story, our explainer videos are markedly different. They are short videos which help you showcase your products or services in a very creative and concise manner. Though we are highly creative and try to include as much creativity to the videos, we try to keep them simple and fun.

Our highly skilled team members and years of experience in explainer video production is what makes us a best explainer video company in delhi. Whenever a client hires us for explainer video production, our aim is to simply exceed his expectations by providing him value for money. Our world class process of explainer video production and a professional team makes it very easy for us to deliver what the client is exactly looking for.

So, what are you waiting for, if you are looking for an Explainer Video Company in Delhi, just turn to What a Story and we tell you how we churn up our exceptional videos.

Have Questions in Mind?

We have defined production times, for explainer Videos the process is 3-4 Weeks. It should be noted that we depend on the availability of the client to authorize each stage of the process and comply with these times.

We have been in the explainer video production segment for a long time and in the last few years we have made numerous explainer videos for our clients. You can check our portfolio to get an idea over quality and styling. If you do not find something similar to what you need, we invite you to communicate with us to tell us the idea you have or share an example and we will gladly work on it.

To guarantee your satisfaction with the service, we offer you effective communication, access to a Monitoring System for reviews at each stage of the process, fast response times and you will have a whole team of professionals working on your project. In addition, we can not go to the next stage until you are 100% happy with the result. At What a Story, client satisfaction is our utmost priority and this is what makes us a top explainer video company in california. 

The approximate time for an explainer Video is between 45 seconds and 90 seconds , although the standard is around a minute. Consumers are impatient and demand the information at the moment. Therefore, it is not recommended that these types of videos exceed these times. It is shown that the longer, the more disinterested the viewer shows, causing a possible loss of a viewer-client.

In addition to being embedded in our website, an explainer Video works perfectly in campaigns on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook or, by incorporating it into Google AdWords campaigns for YouTube ads. It can also be used for internal company presentations or embedded in your newsletters.

Once the script has been approved, it just takes 3-4 weeks for us to come up with a high quality explainer video. We also offer express delivery to achieve your deadline but this cost a bit extra for extra efforts.

Once the script has been approved, it just takes 3-4 weeks for us to come up with a high quality explainer video. We also offer express delivery to achieve your deadline but this cost a bit extra for extra efforts.

It’s really simple!

First, go to our contact page and fill in the quick form. Alternatively, you can send us an email or give us a call, but the form is a great way to provide us with a bit of information about your needs ahead of time and jumpstart the whole process.

Once that’s taken care of, our business development department will get in touch within the next 24 hours and set up a call to talk a bit about your project – this takes about 30 minutes.

The initial call allows us to pick your brain about the details you have in mind for your video, such as the intended length and the style you are after. We also go through our production process with you and discuss some details like pricing and turnaround times.

When you give us the go-ahead, we then work out the contract and payment. We also send you a creative brief that helps you provide even more details about the project, and helps us get a better understanding of your vision.

When that’s back in our hands, the contract’s signed, and payment’s approved, we’ll put you in touch with our production manager to set up the kick-off call and move on with the process from there.

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What a Story was awarded the #5 spot in Clutch’s list of top explainer video companies in the world.

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What a Story was awarded as India’s top Animation and Multimedia Agency.

Good Design is our advantage and Clutch recognizes us as the top Indian Companies.

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Jan 29, 2020

Everest Base Camp - Video Partnership with What a Story

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. We wave our flag on Base Camp of Mount Everest.

We would like to extend warm and sincere thanks to all the members of the team who successfully participated in this extraordinary and remarkable event. We heartily thanks to Praveen Agarwal , Satyarup Siddhanta and all other beloved travelers who unfurl our flag on top of the world.

Jan 29, 2020

Goodfirms Listed our company as one of the top animation production companies of 2019 !!

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