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We are one of the leading video production companies in Bangalore, India and tells captivating stories about your products or services in line with the requirements of customers to its clients. We offer various kinds of services, one among them is animated explainer videos. What a Story is the best explainer video company in Bangalore.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are short-duration animated videos which are basically meant for the businesses and other companies to narrate stories of their products or services to their clients in a fascinating and striking way. It is the technology-oriented art of storytelling and enhances the viewing experience by keeping the viewers deeply involved. We work towards renovating ideas and imagination into animated explainer videos. That is why What a Story has been recognized as a leading explainer video company in Bangalore.

Need for Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are an excellent way to portray ideas and the objective behind your company or a product. It provides the crisp content in form of modern-day, digitally-embedded storytelling. There is a better possibility of delivery of influential content to the customers through explainer videos as they feature the crucial content by making it eye-catching for the viewers.

How are explainer videos beneficial?

Explaining products: Explainer video is an optimum way to present your ideas and the main objective behind your brand or a product. These videos offer a better understanding of things to the viewers.

Commencing conversations with clients: Explainer videos once uploaded on to the website, help to reach out to an enormous number of customers in the market which, in turn, contribute to the growth of the businesses.

The absolute pitch: We are regarded as one of the best explainer video companies, all thanks to our cost-effective and imaginative pitching strategies.

Enhancing marketing campaigning: Explainer videos fast-track the speed of marketing strategies of the product and provide you with effective digital content using innovative approaches and that too at fair prices.

Awareness generation: Our aim is to market the relevance of your brand or product in a most dynamic and vigorous way, that is why What a Story is considered as leading explainer video company in Bangalore.

Promotional strategies: If you want to set-up an effective promotional strategy for your product, then try out our explainer videos for the ultimate branding of your product.

SEO enhancement: Your brand will grab the eyeballs of the netizens with our dynamic advertising video on your website and enhances the SEO for your site by attracting maximum traffic.

Why What a Story is known as the best explainer video company in Bangalore?

What a Story is known as the best explainer video company in Bangalore because we have a strong mission towards the sustainability of products, which we develop advertising videos for. We have developed and witnessed many successful brand stories of our happy and satisfied clients and established our footprints in this field.


If you want to grab the eyeballs of the targeted audience, then you can rely on us as we offer the best-in-class explainer video services in the segment. What a Story holds a strong footed position in the market as it is considered as the leading explainer video company in Bangalore which deals in curation and development of explainer videos. Explainer videos are a great way to make people aware of your product or service and also helps in throwing a positive impact on the audience. If you want influential content and optimum productivity, then you should opt for our services.

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