How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Video Marketing

How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Video Marketing

This article about video marketing will tell you interesting ways of how to convince your boss to invest in video marketing.

Is your boss fed up of annoying paid advertisements and unprofitable content marketing strategies? Is he forcing you to explore a new lucrative business strategy?

If your answer is a big YES, then relax as I present you the king of content marketing, the Video Marketing approach. 

How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Video Marketing

Before discovering video marketing in detail, how many of you agree with me that marketing tactics have evolved? According to the observations, people are blocking sponsored advertisements because it severely makes them frustrated. People like watching videos as graphics always trigger our mind because that’s how our brain is programmed. Cisco recently shared a prediction that by 2020, videos will make 79% of the internal consumer traffic. Amazing.  

“Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… [and] video helps capture and contextualize the world around us.”


So, why not, we adopt this strategy on a prior basis?

You must be thinking of how you will convince your boss? I know pitching a suggestion won’t work, neither an anonymous letter nor a presentation. You need to think cleverly and act creatively by using an approach of a game. I will teach all the tactics and instruction of the game. You need to follow, and soon, you will observe how video marketing has proved profitable for your firm. You will thank me when you will see how happy your boss is with you.

Some life-saving tips

  • Before meeting your boss to discuss the implementation of video marketing, complete all your work, and submit before the deadlines.
  • Never disturb him if he is in a bad mood. 
  • Be careful in presenting your ideas to him. Most of the bosses are impatient, and they need straightforward conversations.

Okay, let’s be practical and start cracking.

  1. Present a to-the-point ROI to your boss

Speaking a long speech about video marketing to your boss can make him bored and annoyed. The first thing he wants to know is how the videos are going to profit him? In short, present him with a brief ROI. Do quote that 96% of B2B organizations sustained positive ROI results after switching to video content marketing. 

How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Video Marketing

Impress your boss by a well-presented ROI. Follow the steps below.

Lead drives

Storytelling or explainer videos receive more reviews than a long blog. Videos captivate the viewers’ attention to try the service or products. It is an effective way of driving leads. Pitch the following stats to him to persuade him to switch to videos.  

75% of FORBES executives watch videos of brands, and 65% of the employees have given a try to the vendors depicted in the videos. Your boss will never ignore any fact about Forbes, at least, no matter how rude he is. 

By tracking URLs through tags, you can analyze the significant source of visitors on your videos in Google analytics. The alternative is to ask for email subscriptions in between the videos. Later on, you can calculate the total drives or emails collected.

How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Video Marketing

2. How much revenue video marketing brings to the company?

Videos can help you in increasing your pool of customers. The attractive representation of your products can at least trigger the viewer to give a try. Sharing a survey result by Tubular insights, 73% of people agree with the fact that they get inspired to buy a product after viewing an impressive video of the product.  It increases their reliability score with the brand. 

How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Video Marketing

You can’t be 100 percent sure that a video has brought you a customer, but you can still draft some business insights. I suggest you compare the count of your customers or total revenue before and after posting a video. Another idea, track and match the URLs of the customers ordered the product with those who watched the video. 

Engagement of your potential customers

Money should not always be your goal. It’s about creating a pool of customers who value your services. Engage your customers in your mission and vision. You can see millions of Youtube channels which received recognition and subscribers in a short time. The secret is that they trust more in virality than money. They regularly put their vlogs and videos to stand out themselves. Take an example of Blendtec; it has a total of 900,000+ subscribers and a massive shift in their profits. 

“Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.” 

Robert Weiss

At what cost will Video Marketing bring profits to the company?

Your boss will surely ask you this question in a minute or two. Tell him the following traits.

How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Video Marketing

Internet is free of cost

There is no cost for uploading and sharing the videos over the social media channels. You can share it on multiple platforms like websites and email marketing in one go. It is free forever. Your content will remain on the cloud as long as you want it. No harm over the authority. 

The only expense will be of video production. Again, it is up to you. You can hire a videographer and a few actors for the video. Or, you can DIY. Yes, you can quickly shoot a video by a high graphics mobile phone with the help of your few employees. People will trust the words of your employees more. 

3. Social media has completely transformed into video marketing 

You open your Facebook account, and you will find at least five videos in a minute. It is because of how videos have conquered the content. Educate him with the fact that Facebook receives more than 8 billion video views daily.

How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Video Marketing

Videos are the biggest asset of any brand, and the secret of its success lies in shareability. Just fuel up with videos with the right content and see how it ignites your revenue. 

Facebook and Youtube have introduced a new feature of a sneak peek of the video without clicking it or turning on the audio. And how can I forget to mention Instagram here? IG is the biggest platform of videos as it is their sole content form. 

Your last verdict: Video marketing is our new revenue generation technique, boss!

Explain this to your boss in simple words: 

The more traffic on your video, the more profit in your account. Try to use the Search engine optimization approach to rank yourself high on the search results. Use trending and relevant keywords to receive more appreciation from Google indexing. According to a survey, videos are 50 times more likely to receive organic results than understandable boring content. Just don’t forget to incorporate hyperlinking in your video’s content. 

How To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Video Marketing

Well, I hope, by now, you have made up your mind to entering your boss’s office to pitch him a video marketing strategy. Take a breath and ace the meeting. If your mind is unclear about anything, ask me immediately by dropping your comment or query in the comments below.

If your mind is unclear about anything, contact us immediately!!

I wish you good luck! 

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