How to attract investors through videos in 2019

Anish Verma
Anish Verma
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How to attract investors through videos in 2019

In this article, find useful ways to how to attract investors through videos for your business and startups.

Let’s be honest, it’s quite hectic for you to catch investors’ attention in your business. You might be fed up of implementing sophisticated business strategies and digital marketing tactics.

Still, your boss remains disappointed with your performance as you fail to sustain investments.

You must be thinking that what should I do now? Well, sit back because you are in the right place. I will try my best in making you apprehend video marketing to attract investors.

How to attract investors through videos in 2019

So, let’s begin with a question. Assume yourself an investor. On the one hand, you are provided with a one-page description of the objectives of a company, and on the other, you are provided with a video that beautifully sums up the mission and vision. Which option will you choose? Of course, a video because it will save you time. It will provide you brief yet entertaining and realistic information regarding the company. And here is the answer to why video marketing is a useful tool for earning shareholders. 

Before that, let’s have a glance at why it is easy to convince investors through video marketing.

How to attract investors through videos in 2019

Videos easily grab investors’ trust

Video is the most practical and powerful tool to increase investments in your business. Investors will have an actual interaction with your company. According to a survey, 79% of the viewers prefer to watch videos over reading content. You can use it as a valuable tool to increase your conversion rate and create a deep pool of investors. 

Videos build personal level interaction

When investors see employees and clients sharing their good experiences with the company, they feel personally connected. The body language, smile, and voice satisfy them. They will give a thought of investing in the business. 

Videos save time 

You already know how busy investors are in their lives. We cannot expect them to read a two-page account. They need answers to their questions in seconds. So, videos can be quite useful for them. 

To support my logic, I would cite a piece of information revealed by the Wyzowls’ Video Marketing Statistics in 2017that 63% of marketers are using videos approach to ace their business revenue generation. If it excites you, then continue reading to explore how to get investors through videos.

How to attract investors through videos in 2019

Now, I will teach you some tactics for creating captivating videos to grab some trustworthy investors.

How to attract investors through videos in 2019

Decide the spectrum of investors 

First, analyze what category of investors you want in your business. The more you understand the investor, the easier it will be to compile a video relevant to them.

Be unique

As video marketing is at its peak of fame, every business is innovating new videos for its investors and clients. Refrain from copying others’ video marketing style. Your videos should highlight the worth of your business. 

Hire videography team

Some professional videographers can ease the task for you. The hired team can prepare innovative themes for compiling sales targeted videos. They will make sure the graphics and audio are of high-quality. 

Ask your employees to cooperate 

Your employees may themselves act in the video. They can share their experiences and positive reviews. The investors will surely get impressed after receiving optimistic feedback from the employees.

Develop a variety of videos

Don’t just limit the videos to experience sharing. Engage viewers by compiling storytelling videos. These videos will captivate investors to grow with the business. An explainer video can be used to dictate the mission, objectives, and goals of your business.

How to attract investors through videos in 2019

The last one, share the video all over the internet

Once you are done with the videos, post it all over your social platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Spread it exclusively so that it can be viewed by significant mass of investors.

Also, how about running an email marketing strategy where you will be sharing it with all your potential clients to turn them to investors. 

Inviting investors to view your business and then sustaining their interest is always a cumbersome task. But, a business without investment is like a car without one wheel. Can you imagine the instability? 

If you’re convinced on using videos to get investors but do not want to go through the process of creating the video, feel free to get in touch with us to see how we can help. Cause we know what we do and we do it pretty well ?

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