In-House vs Freelancer vs Agency for Video Production in 2022

Vikas Tiwari
Vikas Tiwari
In-House vs Freelancer vs Agency for Video Production in 2019

Hey there!

You’ve finally understood just how important videos can be for your business.

Now you’re looking to make some amazing videos but the new questions is, where do you go?

Should you outsource to a video production company? Hire an in house videographer or get a freelancer? 

Let us help you make the choice.

Today we’ll make your face go from dead confused. To sure as hell…

A Story From Uncle Tom (The search for the best video production services. Featuring a video production company, freelance videographers and an in house attempt.)

When Uncle Tom found out about how much money captivating videos could add to his firm, he fell off his office chair.

In-house vs Freelancer vs Agency for Video Production in 2019
Uncle Tom 😛

He decided that it was time to hire a bad boy for his small firm. Pretty soon, he could have stunning videos playing as Youtube ads, he thought to himself.

Uncle Tom went to his favourite place. Fiverr.

He had already used it to hire tribal Africans to dance while chanting his name in the Saharan Desert.

Video production should be easy in comparison.

He hired a freelancer first. But he wasn’t impressed.

Mr. Freelancer replied to his texts after hours, his video production was just… Okay.

And he didn’t make the special videos that Uncle Tom had hoped for.

Occasionally, Mr. Freelancer would delay videos for days, and Uncle Tom had a suspicion that it was because of other freelance work.

He then hired an in house videographer.

The videographer was an affordable option. He was a junior video maker, but maybe after some time, he’d grow while working with Tom.

But that didn’t happen. The videographer was slow. He expected Tom to direct him. He always wanted Tom’s feedback, Tom to point out his flaws and Tom to correct him.

But that wasn’t Tom’s job, was it? The videomaker should have taken initiatives.

And Tom up till now knew nothing about making videos.

So, Uncle Tom turned to an agency.

They told him about the processes they followed, what techniques they used, and they were always, always on time.

And Uncle Tom finally got what he was looking for A badass viral video…! But it was an expensive solution (at first).


Of course, the story above has fictional characters. But the points are real.


Each video production choice has pros and cons. And we’re going to help you see them.

In case you don’t want to go deep, above is a quick comparison!

In-house video production


Supervision: Your videographer can’t slack off onsite. You can monitor them to see that they’re doing their assigned tasks.

Involvement: You can alter your video as many times as you want because it’s your employee. They report to you.


Good videos require team effort: If you want a stunning video, you’ll need a team. That means a writer for scripts, voice-over artists and possibly a separate editor for special effects.

A single in house videographer cannot do everything themselves.

Expensive equipment: You’ll have to buy your own equipment and replace it every few years.

Hiring a Freelancer



Affordable: An individual freelancer will set rates according to your project. Since these individuals work as one-man teams, they have no extra expenses and reasonable expectations. Many freelancers work cheap because they’re looking for exposure rather than cash. So, if you’re really concerned about money. This might be for you.

Flexible: Your freelancer is hired on a contract basis. You could hire more freelancers, replace the old one, make a team – essentially do whatever you want.

Since a freelancer is not a formal employee, business terms can be much more flexible.

Involvement: A freelancer’s purpose is to serve you, make you happy, and make you pay up. Which is why if you want to be involved in their work, they won’t refuse.


Different time zones: Your freelancer lives abroad. One day you need some work completed urgently, and they’re not available.

Delays: Your freelance won’t be just working for you. They’ll have multiple other clients too. And if a freelancer gets overloaded with work, they might rush work, delay it or produce low-quality results.

You’re not the only client that has urgent work and it’s in the freelancer’s interest to take up as many projects as possible to make more money.  Meaning that if there’s an overload on them, you’ll be on the line as well.

Difficult to replace: Since its not formal employment, a freelancer might leave you halfway through a project. And it’d be tough to find someone to pick up where the first freelancer let off.

Limited skills: Since it’s a one-man band, a freelance videographer will only be able to excel at their niche skill. They might be able to make two or three styles of video, not more.

And when it comes to technicalities like; writing scripts and marketing the video, the freelancer might prove to be inadequate.

Video production agency



Most reliable: This is their business. An agency can’t afford low-quality videographers –  so they don’t have them.

When you hire an agency, you know that you’ve hired a group of experts who make their living doing tons of projects, just like yours.

Hold them accountable: An agency can’t leave you midway. There’s a project that’s to be done and that’s it.

The responsibility of how it’s done, when it’s done, of handling emergencies, is all on the agency.

Different styles: A specialized agency has a team of talented individuals that can offer you a variety of video styles.

Long term arrangements: If you’ve found a reliable agency, you can make a proper arrangement where the video production company handles that department for you.

Ideally, you can make future choices knowing that someone has your back


Cost: An agency has salaries to dispatch and an office to maintain. Their rates will be considerably higher than what an individual freelancer would demand.

So which should you choose?

Well, the decision is totally yours which depends on your budget, flexibility, and quality you want to achieve.

We are sitting at mid of Inhouse and Agency hiring. So if you need some help in the planning of your video marketing then message us. Happy to help!

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