Insider’s Guide to Choosing Explainer Video Production

Vikas Tiwari
Vikas Tiwari
Explainer Video Production

As the demand for online explainer videos keeps increasing, more and more businesses and individuals are hopping onto the train. Good news is that the number of businesses and organizations that can easily explain their product offerings, services, and ideas to their audiences is multiplying. The bad news, however, is that it’s never been more difficult to decide on explainer video production that sets you apart. There’s no magic spell to wish away this problem, but here are a few tips to guide you in choosing.

Define Quality of Your Brand


Quality might be as subjective a term as there is, but if it ticks yes to these questions, then you have your answer.

A. Is this production good enough to be on TV?
B. Did you not want to stop till the video ended?
C. Did anything resonate with you while you watched?

With such traits in mind, expect to pay a decent price for work that reflects your brand in the most professional way possible.

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Compare portfolios between Companies

Do not just settle for the first production company you can find, or the production which giving you cheap deal. Do some research and compare their portfolio.

Work with Professionals only!

Explainer videos are produced through four phases: scripting, storyboarding, illustrating, and animating. Animation is a business of close collaboration and spontaneously shared ideas. When most people watch explainer videos, the first thing they look at is if there is a tight correlation between the narration and what’s happening onscreen.



So, before you hire a producer, ask to go through a storyboard from a previous project so you can sample the idea. Ask questions: is the storyboard detailed enough? Does it cover every base in the script? Is it inventive and original?

Ease of communication and feedback


To avoid problems, smooth communication is paramount. The explainer video production experts should be able to ensure effective flow of information between you and them. Also, ensure that it is a company that is open to feedback. You can check out their reviews, ratings and testimonies, and recommendations on their websites or social media pages.

Find out if there’s a Culture Alignment

Since your explainer video will be showcasing what your business stands for, you’ll do well to get a production company that has similar values with yours. It’ll clear grey areas and future conflict if you work with someone whose philosophies are in tandem with yours.

Do they fit your budget?

Different companies offer different price charges, and since they’re so many, you’re spoilt for choice. That means you’ll find prices in every range to suit virtually any budget range. But then it’s important to be aware of what you’ll be getting for your money.


Of course, you’ll have to pay higher for customized videos as opposed to pre-existing animation templates, but you still have to compare prices between offerings from different agencies. BTW, at studio we made over 100 videos for startups and corporate companies.

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