What you have been missing in your content marketing 2019


In this article, we will highlight the facts about ‘What you have been missing in your content marketing 2019?

Let’s discover the missing part…

Ok, let’s talk frankly. You got 30 pieces of content and you post them nicely while following the long checklist.

But still no luck with visitors?

No Conversion rate? Bounce rate increased?

What you have been missing in your content marketing 2019?

Content is the King of Marketing” undoubtedly, this statement is very relevant & true, as content attracts, engages and converts prospects into customers. However, it’s also important to know the future of content marketing in 2019 and to choose the medium to showcase them and right now, clearly video leads above all mediums.

Videos are the trends in content marketing 2019

Earlier too, video marketing was a prominent source of marketing but the platforms to showcase them were limited to Television Broadcast, Video Boards or Cinema Hall, etc.

But, over the past decade, there’s been an increased in platforms to showcase videos. Most importantly, online videos have become the first preference for marketers and their audiences in the flow of information.

Why Online Video?

With the increase in internet access globally, online videos are prospectively getting inimitable in reaching and attracting consumers. Now, even with a Smartphone, consumers can access online videos anytime, anywhere.

What you have been missing in your content marketing 2019

As per the study, online videos are becoming peerless in increasing high-value traffic and conversions.

The reason behind the rise of online video is that the audience mostly prefers videos than reading in order to retain information.

Content marketing should be human to human

Humans are emotional by nature; they are more responsive to visuals & audios. Online video makes them gratify with these needs. Essentially, they are the best way for you in storytelling, it might make your audience laugh, amaze, annoy, educate them or even a combination of all of these.

Online video content strengthens your SEO efforts, it is seen people spend more time watching online videos. Web pages which include video content a part of their web page, allows their visitors to spend more time.

Optimized video content generates video tags indexed by Google and other search engines. It can also increase your site’s search results or can even build links and generate social shares for a better return on investment (ROI)

The potential is nearly unlimited with online video content. As videos are intuitive and easy to share, they carry potential to get viral and create a buzz among your audiences.

Use trending and viral videos in your content marketing. The more content is shared, the less you have to spend on advertising.

– Vikas Tiwari


Online video content allows you to showcase your creativity in order to provide entertainment, information, and demonstration to your audience.

Mostly, businesses are focusing on five common video genres: Explainer Videos, Product demos, How-to’s, Testimonials and Fun videos (all both Animated and Live shoots). With the rise in the popularity of online videos among consumers, hopefully, marketers will use online videos even more into their marketing strategy in the future.

So, if you want your brand to stand out in search, it’s time to start optimizing with the online video strategy which is indeed a powerful marketing tool.

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