Our Process

We put immense effort in delivering a high quality video and our process allows us to not only delivery quality work but also do it faster than the industry standard

Discussion, Understanding, Brainstorming

How else do you think we start? We begin with you venting your heart about your brand and everything related to it. When we sit together, you are free to tell us whatever you want to. To make it easier for you, we share a creative brief with you that helps you understand what exactly we need to know. 

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Explainer Video Process-02

Idea, Concept, Script!

How can we produce a video without coming up with a solid idea? This is where the custom explainer video process begins. Hence, as soon as we are done discussing what the video should be all about, we leave our creative forces to work. 

Depending on the nature of the video, we cook up the characters or illustrations, develop the story and do whatever is required. 

Voice Recording

We are sure once you have an idea, concept, and script with you, you would want to proceed with the production as soon as possible. But before that, we are sure; you would want to hear who is going to depict your story to the audiences. Depending on what we have decided to put out, we can offer you a complete database of professionals to choose from. 

Explainer Video Process-04

Storyboards, Drawings & Beyond

There would be no fun till you can’t imagine how your video is going to be before it is produced. Now that your video has started developing a personality, we will create a storyboard. Don’t know what a storyboard is? Depending on the concept we decided and the script we made, the idea is executed by creating the scenes in a comic strip.

To give you a representation of how your explainer will turn out, the storyboard gives rough ideation.

Visual Style, Graphics & Illustration

The key to animated explainer video is the visuals. If you have them on-point, we don’t see how you won’t have a stellar video. When you approve the storyboard, we create a few choices of style frames for you to choose from. These frames are real visual representation choices. 

Explainer Video Process-05
Explainer Video Process-06

Putting Animation To Action

What’ stopping you from giving life to your video? Shortlisting the frame, we move on towards the animation. The animators take the lead now and make a fine 2D animated explainer video. The voiceover is also played along, to give the neat final touch to it. If you wish, music can also be added to the video as a cherry on top.


Music is key to leave an emotion. It adds life and color to the video. Hence, depending on the nature of the video, its target audience, what the client wants and obviously, the message intended to deliver, the music is added. Not just the music, but it is integral that any specific effects required should

Explainer Video Process-07

Delivery and handoffs

We deliver multiple formats usage, for websites we give files around 50 mb max. For whatsapp, we offer 4mb files. We also give the source file if you know how to use them.This includes the all used asset in the video like music, voiceover, graphics etc.

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