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What is a product demo video?

A product demo video is a video which presents the characteristics and advantages of a product and possibly shows it’s use. The product demo videos were first used in points of sale as part of the video POS, but they are now also used for presentation / promotion of products within e-commerce pages or product sheets or also in a logic of offline sales. 

As its name suggests, the product demo video allows you to show the product in use, to visually detail its characteristics and to argue about its qualities. The product demo video is therefore particularly effective and useful for “technical” products whose operating mode and characteristics are still unknown or complicated to potential customers. 

Why use product demo video?

A product demo video can have a significant impact on direct (e-commerce) or indirect (offline sales) conversion. The provision and distribution of these videos have been greatly facilitated by the development of online video streaming platforms like YouTube. Benefits of having a product demo video are:

A good product video is true

The first “competitive advantage” of video over photo, and of course over text, is its ability to make the product a little more “palpable”. A good product video capitalize on the fact that what is filmed always seems more “truthful” and less arranged. It must show the product from all angles, all configurations.

A good product video is qualitative

Sincere, truthful: okay. But not overlooked. The video produced in e-commerce needs to be in 4K quality and to be displayed with perfect sharpness even on full screen. 

A good product video is educational

“A good video is not more than 30 seconds, 1 minute maximum”. “After 15-20 seconds, people hang up”. You have certainly heard these kinds of final judgments if you have produced videos. And that’s … sometimes true, especially on social media, where attention span is a scarce commodity.

But on your product pages? By trying too hard to maximize the impact with short and polished videos, we end up forgetting the main objective: informing, educating, reassuring the visitor. 

A good product video complements other content on your product page

This is probably the most important quality of our entire list: the video is not the substitute for your descriptive texts or your photos of products. It constitutes a complement and a conversion accelerator.

When you make a product video, the idea is not to paraphrase the textual information (which remains essential for natural referencing, in particular) nor the photos (which allow you to get an idea in a few moments of the general appearance of the product). But rather to take over from these contents, and to advance the most interested visitor towards the purchase.

Clear? The best product video is the one that will complement the other content on a product page. Take advantage of the strength of the video, without overloading the product page.

79% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product, than read text on a page.

What are some characteristics of a great Product video?


Process of making Product Video


Once we receive the brief from you, our team will dig into the research about the nature of your industry, your marketing strategy, your competitors and write a script draft for the video. 


Once you approve the script our team of art-directors and storyboard artists will start working on the visual storyboard that will give you an idea about the look and feel of the end video. After that, our team of animators will turn that storyboard into a dynamic motion video draft, delivering the end-result that as per your desired expectations. 


This is the icing on the cake, because unlike most agencies we don’t just leave it at delivering the video to you we also help you market it. If you need we can work with you to figure out the best channels to distribute it so that it reaches your target audience and helps you achieve your marketing objectives. 
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Why use What a Story for Product Video Production

The philosophy of any Product Video Production is to professionally address the three major stages of any product: use-case, idea and benefits. If any of them were missing, the product could hardly sell and that is something that we are aware of at What a Story. Therefore, we guarantee maximum professionalism and dedication in each of the stages of your Product Video Production.

Not all projects are the same, so we have a team with great versatility , capable of adapting to any type of work. In addition, we have highly specialized professionals in each area of Product Video Production. Our goal is to get closer to the idea of ​​our customers and to transform it into the video they need.

If you are a company looking for a Product Video Production? Luckily, you have found the video production company with the best quality and price ratio. 

We produce quality content and help you communicate your ideas in the most creative way possible. We are a Product Video Production company that offers comprehensive services that cover the needs and demands of any type of project you propose. In addition, we care about always being at the forefront of technology and having professionals who are dedicated body and soul to their work and passion. 

Have Questions in Mind?

The product demo video cost depends on style & scope of video production service. A 60-second demo video cost is $2,000.

It takes around 3-4 weeks. As each project we produce is bespoke and not 'off the shelf', this can of course vary.

A product demo via video call would be enough!!

We film everything on professional broadcast-quality HD video cameras and use additional kit – such as radio mics, lighting kit, or green screen – where appropriate. We continually invest in new kit and software to keep up-to-date with the rapidly changing standards of the industry.

​No problem. We work with talented voice over artists from all over the world, which means we can translate the video into any language you want, using native speakers.

​If you decide to cancel or reschedule your project we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee up to the projects quoted amount plus any costs that may have been generated as a result of us investing time in accommodating your project.

We don’t take full payment at the start, that means delivering satisfaction is our responsibility.If for whatever reason this isn’t the case, please contact us straight away and we can talk through your options – we’re happy to go the extra mile to make sure the final video is exactly what you need.

We fully understand that many of the projects we help develop come with a certain amount of confidentiality required. We shall always discuss this as a potential requirement before we even have an initial meeting with you. We always use common sense when discussing live projects in public and we are more than happy to sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) papers if necessary.

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Jan 29, 2020

Everest Base Camp - Video Partnership with What a Story

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. We wave our flag on Base Camp of Mount Everest.

We would like to extend warm and sincere thanks to all the members of the team who successfully participated in this extraordinary and remarkable event. We heartily thanks to Praveen Agarwal , Satyarup Siddhanta and all other beloved travelers who unfurl our flag on top of the world.

Jan 29, 2020

Goodfirms Listed our company as one of the top animation production companies of 2019 !!

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