Top Animation And Multimedia Company In India 2019 By GoodFirms

Top Animation And Multimedia Company In India 2019 By GoodFirms

Hurray! Our branding & advertising company ‘What a Story’ has been also recognised as a Top Animation and Multimedia Company in India 2019 by GoodFirms.


GoodFirms is a Washington D.C. based B2B market research, ratings, and review agency.

GoodFirms features an honest platform for service seekers to choose for the best service providers by presenting a well-researched list of top companies.

GoodFirms Recognised What a Story As Top Animation And Multimedia Company In India 2019

GoodFirms has recognised “What a Story” for the first time by naming it as a top animation & multimedia company in India and we feel extremely proud of this recognition.

What a Story received this recognition on the basis of its proven & reliable business practices, outstanding client relations and overall ability to deliver desired results. 

As a B2B research & reviews platform, GoodFirms has gathered high-quality, in-depth reviews from ‘What a Story’ clients.

Here is the proof of What a Story’s performance at GoodFirms

What a Story feels thankful to everyone who was an important part of our success. We thank our awe-inspiring clients for their trust over the years, as well as GoodFirms review agency for this valuable encouragement.

About What a Story (Award Winning Creative Agency)

What a Story is a top-ranked B2B award-winning creative agency headquartered at Hyderabad in India.

What a Story has a core specialization in branding, advertising, video production, graphics animation, logo design, multimedia services and making marketing collaterals.

What a Story has worked with over 350 small and big businesses in over 19 countries across the globe! We make our team-up of experts in video production, branding, and other marketing services.

Recently, at the beginning of the year 2019, ‘What a Story’ creative agency was recognized as the top creative agency in India by Clutch and Top Packaging Design Company on DesignRush.

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