Video Is Ultimate Solution For Business In 2019

Video Is Ultimate Solution For Business In 2019

In this article, we will tell you why video is the ultimate solution for business in 2019. Here we listed some facts, have a look!

Video Is Ultimate Solution For Business In 2019
Video is the Ultimate Solution for Business in 2019

Video is the ultimate solution for business – Why??

When you work for/won a business, it generally means the world to you and you want it to do as good as it can. There is no limit to the skies you want your business to touch. But you often reach a point beyond which acquiring new customers keeps becoming difficult and you have a lot more things to your existing ones but you don’t know how to tell them about it because they’re apparently not listening.

They will listen. The old and the new ones. You just need to use the right language.

And what is your ideal language? VIDEO. The one that they want to see and hear, the one that hooks them up and keeps them interested. The one where they don’t go off your website.

For many business problems, video is the ultimate solution

Video Is Ultimate Solution For Business In 2019
Video is Ultimate Solution

When you have complex business products that you are not able to explain to your audience, say it all with a video. 90 seconds of their time will be given to you to capture them with your product. You get the opportunity of explaining your product and putting your point forward because of visual & audio combined work twice as much as the text.

Who even has the time to read so much text? Especially when they don’t know if it’ll benefit them. You tell me! Aren’t you still reading this only because it’s going to selfishly benefit you? Otherwise would you? Then your customers also won’t. With videos though, the story’s different. They tell a story, in an interesting format. They can be consumed while walking, moving, in a cab, on a train, etc. People prefer videos because they don’t need to put an effort into consuming them.

There’s a reason that all the statistics support video over any other medium. This was all about why people would consume your content if it’s in a video form, now let’s see what stats tell us.

Video Boost SEO

Videos help you in a web-traffic generation. And let’s face it, in a world cluttered with content and confused consumers, isn’t that what you want? Video gets the best search results, more links, makes them spend more time on your page which increases their probability of converting. They also get more links and thrice as many shares than any other medium. All of this combined gives you a better SEO, and thus more traffic.

Video Is Ultimate Solution For Business In 2019
Video is Ultimate Solution for Business in 2019

There’s your way from craving for visibility to having conversions.
People remember videos, and they spark conversations. The former because the audiovisual medium appeals the most to the human brain. Show a video of rhyme to your child and make him read out of a book. He would remember the video more than the text on the book any day. We’re all wired the same.

The latter happens because videos come to you in the form of a story and while narrating it, you don’t have to put extra efforts. They’re easy to talk about.

Not only for your external consumers, but videos also work for your internal team. Getting a lot of queries and your customer support executives are tired of answering the same questions? Video is the answer.

Yes, I know you have FAQs for that but how many times have you read them yourself? They’re boring! You would rather talk to somebody about your problem. A video can solve this problem in no time. Record your executive/animate your responses and every time you get a query about the same thing, interest them in a video. And if it doesn’t solve the problem, they can always call you.

Your time spent reduces to half, and your customer executives can focus on the things that really are a problem.

With your sales team, videos can become their best friend. At a gathering of say 1000 people, your sales team approaches every person with the same attention and thus waste an enormous amount of time. But with a video, you know exactly who’s interested and in what. You can track what your potential consumers watched and thus know what interests them. Your sales team can then pay attention to only these warm leads and convert them. All the time they spend on the cold leads can be spent to do so many important things, grabbing a coffee for instance.


Now that we know and agree that videos are a blessing to the content industry, why don’t you get a captivating video made for your brand?

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