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We’re in a time when companies don’t use video content is almost a sin. Because video is pretty much everywhere, not making a video for your company means you’ll be left behind.

We at What a Story are a leading Video Production Company in Bangalore. We can help you create a vivid, memorable video that will stand out your brand, services or product from the competition. We shoot all kinds of videos including commercials, corporate, explainer, and live-action.  

Why Use Videos for Your Business

A one-time investment with many possible uses

Creating a video is a one-time investment and this video can be used for various purposes and for a longer period of time. In this way, you can even reduce your running advertising costs.

A video can be used for a product launch. You can improve your image or increase your reach and awareness. With videos you can reach new customers or retain existing customers. Videos promote dialogue and a sense of belonging with your customers. In the end, videos have the potential to be an important reason for increasing your market share.

Videos arouse emotions

We as a Top Video Production Company in Bangalore, create highly creative and engaging videos that arouse emotions in the audience.
The mixture of visual and auditory stimuli particularly appeals to users and makes them appear more sustainable. Videos with moving images become more tangible, expressive and pointed when the content is presented in an emotional story.

Better communication with customers

Videos enable you to communicate with customers in an individual way while strengthening your branding. Communication with your customers looks more personal through videos than when customers simply read a text.

Talks about your products.

The text is always ambiguous, because different people interpret it differently. And the video easily solves this problem, explaining the principle of the product or service. People better absorb information when they see and hear the one who explains them. A sales video builds like a channel through which you interact with your potential customers.

54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. This goes to show that the demand for video content is also increasing.

Why We are Considered as Top Video Production Company in Bangalore:


Process of Video Production

Every Video production process has three phases:

Pre-production: conception and organization.

In the pre-production phase, content is discussed and all organizational questions are clarified. 

Pre-production includes the basic elements of content and planning. As so often, good preparation is essential. This avoids unnecessary later correction loops. We usually offer a free creative workshop, which serves to discuss all substantive and organizational questions at the beginning and to put all project members on an equal footing.

Production: filming

Production is usually by far the shortest phase of video production, as the shooting can usually be completed in one to three days, especially in the advertising industry. Nevertheless, it is often the most expensive phase, since all the preparation and most of the technical effort is concentrated in these few days.

Based on the extent of the shooting, it is also decided how many people are in the video team. Some videos can be made with 2-3 people, for example interviews or event video. These are: cameraman / director, assistant camera and lighting technician. Scenic videos or elaborate image videos require a little more employees. Here there are about 5-7 people. This is where a stylist comes in, an extra lighting technician or a recording manager who takes over the organization on site.

Post-production: film editing, animation, music.

After the video has been shot, it is composed on average. The structure is already defined, mood pictures and interview passages, as well as first animations, are inserted and a musical layout is created. After some time you will receive the first version of your video, the rough cut. The time it takes to make a video depends on the complexity of the video. The more shots were filmed, the more footage had to be viewed and cut.

The feedback process takes place below. You give us feedback on the rough cut and we work on it until everyone involved is satisfied. As a rule, there are 1-3 correction loops.

After acceptance and approval of the cut, we finish the video and create the final color and tone correction (e.g. music, noises).

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Why Use What a Story - The Best Video Production Company in Bangalore

Video production as a marketing tool has long been successfully used by both large holdings and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. Consumer preferences are shifting in favor of video as the main source of information. Short advertising videos allow you to convey information in a more vivid, understandable form than text, they use two channels of perception at once – visual and audio, which increases the interaction effect and confidence in the information received. What A story is a full range Video Production Company in Bangalore that offers all types of video content for your need:

  • Explainer Video
  • Corporate Video
  • Commercials
  • Testimonials
  • Product Demo

So if you are looking for a professional video production company in Bangalore, don’t look anywhere else, we at What A Story are here to help you with your video production needs. 

Have Questions in Mind?

Just share your idea with us and our team is skilled and experienced enough to transform it into an engaging video. 

We don’t take full payment at the start, that means delivering satisfaction is our responsibility.If for whatever reason this isn’t the case, please contact us straight away and we can talk through your options – we’re happy to go the extra mile to make sure the final video is exactly what you need.

Video production budget depends on the style, time and voice over. We would be more than happy to provide you with a custom budget which will best suit your requirements. 

Once the project is finalized, we go directly to the creative part. The next step is the production of the script, which is one of the most important items in the entire process. For this, we have mastered not only audiovisual production itself, but also marketing, advertising, management, psychology, product development, among other areas necessary for results-oriented videos. 

Answers to this question vary based on the client’s requirements. While some videos like motion graphics just take a couple of weeks, some videos like explainer video or long animated videos take a month or so to complete. 

It all depends on the client's requirements. Although the most common are Full HD and 4K.

If after a while, you want to change the video you already have or make modifications after the final delivery of the work, What a Story offers you the possibility to review and update all the material for an additional cost, so that your videos never lose validity.


It’s really simple!

First, go to our contact page and fill in the quick form. Alternatively, you can send us an email or give us a call, but the form is a great way to provide us with a bit of information about your needs ahead of time and jumpstart the whole process.

Once that’s taken care of, our business development department will get in touch within the next 24 hours and set up a call to talk a bit about your project – this takes about 30 minutes.

The initial call allows us to pick your brain about the details you have in mind for your video, such as the intended length and the style you are after. We also go through our production process with you and discuss some details like pricing and turnaround times.

When you give us the go-ahead, we then work out the contract and payment. We also send you a creative brief that helps you provide even more details about the project, and helps us get a better understanding of your vision.

When that’s back in our hands, the contract’s signed, and payment’s approved, we’ll put you in touch with our production manager to set up the kick-off call and move on with the process from there.

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What a Story was awarded the #5 spot in Clutch’s list of top explainer video companies in the world.

DesignRush recognizes What a Story as one of the best video design agencies.

What a Story was awarded as India’s top Animation and Multimedia Agency.

Good Design is our advantage and Clutch recognizes us as the top Indian Companies.

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Jan 29, 2020

Everest Base Camp - Video Partnership with What a Story

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. We wave our flag on Base Camp of Mount Everest.

We would like to extend warm and sincere thanks to all the members of the team who successfully participated in this extraordinary and remarkable event. We heartily thanks to Praveen Agarwal , Satyarup Siddhanta and all other beloved travelers who unfurl our flag on top of the world.

Jan 29, 2020

Goodfirms Listed our company as one of the top animation production companies of 2019 !!

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The year 2020 is all so much about Video Marketing but you cannot just create something arbitrary. Your video needs to focus on the right content, cater to the right segment of the audience and evoke the right response. All in all, your video needs to tell the right story to the right people.