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Mumbai has become a hub for big media houses, renowned studios, and best-in-class video production companies. Over time, this city has become a home for curation and development of explainer videos which are in great demand by the big corporate houses these days. There are many leading video production Company in Mumbai that are primarily engaged in the development of corporate videos such as What a Story.

With services ranging from animation videos, explainer videos, product videos, live action videos and corporate videos What a Story is considered as one of the leading and top most video production Company in Mumbai. 

Why Use Videos for Your Business

Save Time for Customer and Investors

Nobody wants to read a long page of text to understand the product, process or services. A 1 minute video worth 1.8 Million words, so by introducing videos in your marketing process you can save a lot of time for your clients and investors. 

Increase Conversions

As per various case studies, it’s found that adding a video on your website can increase conversions upto 80%. Furthermore, videos are an excellent way to generate leads and improve conversions when used by sales team. 

Build Trust

Corporate videos help increase the credibility of a company by allowing clients to get a glimpse of what a company does behind the scenes. Furthermore, videos can also be used to showcase achievements, work culture, and processes to attract employees and customers.

Accelerate Learning

Instead of providing lengthy text based manuals, you can provide videos to your employees and customers to accelerate the learning process. Videos are an engaging way to learn the process in a fun way, by including videos in your training process – employees or customers can watch the videos over and over until they retain the information.  

70% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video

Characteristics of good Video Production Company in Mumbai


Process of Video Production

Video production process generally consists of 3 stages:


Pre-Production is one of the most crucial stages of video production. It starts from the day when the client shares the idea and ends on the day recording begins.

During Pre-Production phase the idea is discussed, all necessary company information is collected, type of video style and objectives gets finalized.  

All this results in a detailed script which is delivered to the client for a review and upon approval of the script the production gets started.


The production stage begins when the script has been approved by the customer. Here all the ideas embodied in the pre-production stage will begin to develop. 

Now, recordings begin at the defined locations, capturing all the material that has been previously defined in the script. The fundamental thing is to obtain all the content for the design of the video, with the highest quality.


Once you have all the material, start the post-production stage where the recorded material is captured and passed to the video editing software. Based on the content of the script, the editing begins, adding animations, special effects, titles, opening, voiceover, music, etc. 

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Why use What a Story as a Video Production Company in Mumbai

Where most of the video production Company in Mumbai do not care about delivering additional services and strategy while working with clients, What a Story is an exception with various offerings like the ones mentioned below.

  • The purpose of your video is something that you should always help your client identify as most of them might approach you without any idea of the same. At What a Story we make our clients understand why they are required to make a video and how will it actually make a difference to the growth of their business and hitting the targeted audience.

  • Identifying vision is one of the cumbersome tasks for any of the clients who are looking for video production Company in Mumbai.

  • Being a leading Video Production Company in Mumbai, At What a Story, we help our clients benefit from our huge experience in the field by sharing creative ideas from our past work.

  • What a Story always works within the defined budget range which we usually discuss with the client initially at the time of inception of the project. We at each phase assess the budget allocation and its usage so that the same never exceeds.

  • Our experience allows us to tackle the entire video production process with ease. So that you can focus on your business.

What a Story is one of the trustable and affordable video production companies in Mumbai and we have a huge list of satisfied clientele.

Have Questions in Mind?

What does it take to make a video?

Just share your idea with us and our team is skilled and experienced enough to transform it into an engaging video. 

What if I’m not happy with my video?

We don’t take full payment at the start, that means delivering satisfaction is our responsibility.If for whatever reason this isn’t the case, please contact us straight away and we can talk through your options – we’re happy to go the extra mile to make sure the final video is exactly what you need.

How is the budget made?

Video production budget depends on the style, time and voice over. We would be more than happy to provide you with a custom budget which will best suit your requirements. 

How does the production process work?

Once the project is finalized, we go directly to the creative part. The next step is the production of the script, which is one of the most important items in the entire process. For this, we have mastered not only audiovisual production itself, but also marketing, advertising, management, psychology, product development, among other areas necessary for results-oriented videos. 

How long does it take to get ready?

Answers to this question vary based on the client’s requirements. While some videos like motion graphics just take a couple of weeks, some videos like explainer video or long animated videos take a month or so to complete. 

What types of video formats do you use?

It all depends on the client’s requirements. Although the most common are Full HD and 4K.

What if I want to change the video or it becomes obsolete?

If after a while, you want to change the video you already have or make modifications after the final delivery of the work, What a Story offers you the possibility to review and update all the material for an additional cost, so that your videos never lose validity.


How to Get Started?

It’s really simple!

First, go to our contact page and fill in the quick form. Alternatively, you can send us an email or give us a call, but the form is a great way to provide us with a bit of information about your needs ahead of time and jumpstart the whole process.

Once that’s taken care of, our business development department will get in touch within the next 24 hours and set up a call to talk a bit about your project – this takes about 30 minutes.

The initial call allows us to pick your brain about the details you have in mind for your video, such as the intended length and the style you are after. We also go through our production process with you and discuss some details like pricing and turnaround times.

When you give us the go-ahead, we then work out the contract and payment. We also send you a creative brief that helps you provide even more details about the project, and helps us get a better understanding of your vision.

When that’s back in our hands, the contract’s signed, and payment’s approved, we’ll put you in touch with our production manager to set up the kick-off call and move on with the process from there.

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