Why make a Video Resume in 2019

Why make a Video Resume in 2019

Hello there! I see that you’ve already sent your CV to twenty different places.

Didn’t get any worthwhile replies?

No worries…. We have a secret method. ?

Ever heard of the term ‘Video Resume’?

Why make a Video Resume in 2019
stand out apart in the crowd

Why Video Resume?

CV’s (Curriculum Vitae) is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Few read them, and even fewer know how to write them (We hope you know how to write a CV).

Employers Love Video Resumes For Recruitment

And video resumes are celebrated because of the simple fact.

A survey by Vault Inc showed that 89% of employers would watch a video resume when they got it. And most employers approved video resumes because they allowed managers to –

See how professional the candidate was

Get a feel of them before the interview

Benefits Of Video Resume

1. Show recruiters the inner you

Get into your potential employer’s head with your personality. Show off your facial expressions, your humor, and your style.

You’ll probably never make a YouTube channel anyway, so this. Is. Your. Time. To. Shine.

Share an intimate story about yourself and add an image to your achievements. You can give your employer the ‘Feels’.

2. Speak the employer’s mind

Look, with a CV you can’t demonstrate your skills. If you’re applying for a job as a receptionist or a writer, you’ll employer will want to know that you have sick typing.

And with a video resume, you can show off your typing skills.

Take a shot with you in front of your laptop, looking all serious, with badass music in the background and you typing at the speed of 60 WPM.

3. Best first impression ever

Want your employer to think you’re invincible? Make your first impression with a pre-prepared video resume.

And just so you know, success often does depend on first impressions.

4. Prove your awesome salesmanship

If you’re applying for a customer-facing position, your video resume will show your employer instantly that you are a crazy good salesperson.

A video resume is like a pitch. You have a time limit to sell yourself while showcasing your fantastic personality. Your ability to sell yourself will prove that you deserve the job.

5. Guaranteed attention

They can scan your CV, and forget about it. But they must watch your video before they consider hiring you. There’s no better way of getting 100% of their attention than a video resume.

Here’s a classic video resume example –

Blow your future employers away by making a professional video resume like this!

Hope you got convinced? Get your video resume maker in India!

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