5 Mistakes to Avoid while making Animated Explainer Video

Vikas Tiwari
Vikas Tiwari

To make a video marketing strategy it is not enough to upload a video to YouTube. Keep in mind that millions of videos are uploaded daily and that probably 95% of the videos are meant to be hidden and forgotten from the moment they are uploaded.

How can you get your explainer videos are not in that 95%? First, avoiding the 5 mistakes that can ruin your video marketing strategy with your explainer videos . There are many more, but these 5 are the most serious and those that could spoil a great explainer video or a great idea.

1. Videos too long

The ideal duration of a video, be it promotional, explanatory or of any kind, is impossible to know. However, it is known that, in the case of videos intended for advertising on YouTube and other social networks, it is important that these videos never go beyond 2 minutes .

Why that length? Because it is considered that in those 2 minutes there is the barrier that users can “support”, losing all the attention in the video after 2 minutes. This is not always the case and in videos that are not promotional it is not met, since for example an explanatory video  usually lasts much longer.

If you are going to do a video marketing campaign and your brand is not known, bet on short videos of about a minute or a minute and a half. As your brand becomes known, you can increase the duration of explainer videos a bit.

2. Boring Content

Time is money on the Internet. No one has time to watch an ad before your favorite video or to sit and watch a boring explainer video for 10 minutes. You have to make the videos entertaining, easy to “digest” and easy to share.

Funny videos tend to be much more shared, but you don’t always have to depend on humor to avoid being boring . Condensing ideas into animated infographics , adding a story through storytelling and using the appropriate voice and music help, even if you don’t have fun as it is, you can keep the user’s attention.

3. Forgetting SEO

Uploading a video without optimizing and waiting for visitors to start viewing is one of the most common mistakes. Not optimizing the video for SEO causes thousands of “free” visits to be lost and that can come from the simple fact of having taken care of different aspects when uploading and editing the video itself.

An explainer video optimized for SEO is ready to receive thousands of visits,, get customers just by “being there” and help your company to be known throughout the world thanks to YouTube. Learn to position your video on YouTube and dominate the world of video marketing thanks to it .

4. No Call to Action Button

You create the perfect video, users see it and … then they go where they came from. What was the use of making the video?

Each of the videos that are created must have a goal and must link to a specific place or cause anyone to see it do something .

For example, if you have a sports equipment store and you create an emotional video to reach all those who do sports, as Decathlon does, but then you do not put annotations or calls to action to redirect the people who watch the video to your website … what’s the use? People will love the video, but it won’t generate anything at all.

5. Link to a Low Quality Landing Page

As in the previous point, if you create a very good promotional video and put an appropriate call to action, but then take the user to a landing page of poor quality, it will not help you either.

For example, you advertise a product in one of YouTube’s different advertising formats and create a fantastic video. Afterwards, you realize that despite receiving visitors, you don’t convert anything. Why? Because either you are taking the user to the homepage of your website, which is useless, or because your landing page created for that product is not understood or pushed the customers to buy it.

6. Low Quality Production

When you are producing videos of poor quality, you may not be producing any videos at all. No videos do as much harm as low quality videos do. Low quality video production can also harm your brand’s image. If you don’t really know what you are doing, the best advice we can offer is to talk to someone who does. This is the best way to guarantee a return on the online video investment that you make.

Note, the video isn’t the most critical aspect of an explainer video … it’s the quality..

If you want to make an explainer video, you need to take the time to do all the measures we have listed above. If you don’t have the time to create videos then don’t waste your money. And if you’re willing to spend a little more on doing stuff, hire a explainer video production company.



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