Your First Date with the Best Explainer Video in 2022

Vikas Tiwari
Vikas Tiwari
Your first date with the best explainer video in 2019

When you enter the market with a need of best explainer video, it immediately becomes a fish market with vendors calling you out and selling themselves to you at different prices. But you can only land the best deal if you know your fish well. Otherwise, one of the two things will happen. Either the small vendor will sell you a rotten fish or the big vendor will burn a big enough hole in your pocket that you won’t be able to buy dinner for next few weeks.

But how do you know which is “your kinda” explainer video?


Aren’t there too many of those?

It’s simple! Stay with us and we’ll take you right through it. Throughout this article, just imagine that you’re on a first date with somebody and you want to know if he/she is the one for you.

Let’s fix your awesome date with best explainer video!!

1. Hear them well



Aren’t conversations the most important thing for all of us? How the person talks, what he/she talks about, the way they express themselves if they know when to speak and when to enjoy the silence. If these are your first date boxes too, you’re sorted.

For an explainer video, script is the most important thing that’ll differentiate between a just-for-the-sake explainer video and take-all-my-money-and-give-me-this video.

2. If they blabber too much, run! run faster!

Have you come across these people for whom everything is JUST about themselves? The world starts with them and ends at them. Don’t we hate these me-me-me people and adore the ones who know exactly how much to say?

Well, with an explainer video, the shorter and crisper your video is, the more interested your audience would be. In today’s cluttered market, everybody’s attention span is similar to that of a baby, if not lesser. And they won’t sit there watching your 5-minute long video blabbering about your product without a pause. The crisper, the better.

3. Simplicity catches the eye before bling ever does

explainer video


The good ones only have one thing to impress you, their personality. They are logical, rational and say all the right things. Most importantly, they don’t beat around the bush, if they like you, they will let you know. They won’t waste your time talking about irrelevant things.

A simple explainer video tells you about 4 important things –

What is the problem?
What is the solution?
How is this going to work?
What are you supposed to do?

Rest, you’ll automatically figure out. These videos stand apart from the crowd and you want to not only watch them but also share them.

4. If they’re good for you, they’ll tell you

explainer video


Irrespective of how a person looks, everybody has a distinct vibe. The moment you’re around them, they tell you if they’re good for you or not.

Similarly, the best explainer video talks about the benefits of the product, not its features. Because if the product isn’t useful for me, I don’t want to know what all it has.

5. The voice that you want to hear forever

explainer video


Some people have a voice that stays with you and makes you want to talk to them again and again. Isn’t it? And don’t you love to wake up to their voice every morning?

Your explainer video needs to have the same appeal. If it doesn’t sound good, you’re annoying them. And if that’s the case, nobody’s buying your product. Go for a professional voice. Not too sharp, not too heavy, not too loud.

6. Looks don’t matter as much as you think they do

explainer video


They could be a 7 in looks, but if their personality is a 9, it’s the best deal ever. And haven’t we always learned to not judge a book by its cover?

Similarly, visuals are secondary. The story is the main hero. Even if one or two of your visuals are not in place, you’ll be good. But if your story lacks anything at all, the whole process goes to waste.

Final Verdict

You now have enough information to choose your route of either dating yourself with explainer videos or trying some other tactics. You can find many options but the reasons we have mentioned are quite compelling to give explainer videos a try.

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