Your SAAS business needs an explainer video, Not SEO in 2020

Vikas Tiwari
Vikas Tiwari
Your SAAS business needs an explainer video, Not SEO in 2019

A few weeks ago I downloaded app. It’s a contact management app for building business relations. The idea of this app seemed great but my personal experience with it wasn’t much pleasing. The contacts invitations I had received were not useful and the interface design was not so smooth, let’s say, not exactly a big turn on for me.

But why did I download this app you might ask?

The only reason I got interested in it was that I saw their extremely exciting and engaging customer explainer video. You should really check out the explainer video on their website homepage.

It is actually the kind of explainer video good SAAS companies can majorly benefit from!

The truth is you might have a team of Oxford engineers or Silicon Valley experts developing the software for your SaaS, but it would be nothing if the target market isn’t rooting for you the day it launches. If you have launched and aren’t getting registrations, you might be wondering where did you go wrong? You might have done everything right except, committing a little mistake by skipping on getting an explainer video for SaaS. From exceptionally popular SaaS software like DocuSign to the high potential newbies that are expected to change the face of the industry, all of them are using explainer videos.

Why is that so? A software or new software to be precise can be a little hard for the users to understand. This is one area where SaaS or Software as a Company lags behind when compared to the other businesses. But, the simple solution to it is to make your own video explainer. That way, you will be able to walk your audience through all that your software does and how they can use it for their own benefit. So, why precisely, does your SaaS need a custom explainer video and not the conventional marketing through SEO, let’s find out!


When you opt for SEO, you are only using the options search engine provides you to market yourself. The cliché display ads, banner ads, and so on. When you make an explainer video, it becomes the quickest way for you to get your message across. What is your business idea? Why is your software helpful for people? How can your software be used? What are the detailed benefits of it? And so on. All the questions that your potential user can ask can easily and creatively be answered through an explainer video. What’s more is that, if made in a compelling way, these videos do not even feel promotional. You grasp your audience’s attention out of the sheer context and end up making them your customer. That is how easily an explainer can describe your software for you.

Here’s an example.


Though SEO helps establish, run and sustain businesses, there is one thing about it that can’t be avoided. As soon as the visitor searches something or starts watching the video, the first thing they do is skip the ad or cross the pop-up. They know it is an advertising tactic, hence they don’t take any interest in knowing what it was all about.

Just as explainer videos help explain the software in an easy way, they help market your service without entering into the conventional advertising domain. The explainer videos are more valuable and informative; thus, they garner more audience and eyeballs than any other promotional content.

Make sure to get in touch with the best explainer video company to do the job for you. The cherry on top, these videos contribute to your website SEO as well. This means you will be killing two birds with one stone. What else is required here?


For SaaS companies, an online presence is the name of the game. This is how the company works, functions, runs. and helps sustain the operations. Among all the other things this explainer video is doing, it is helping you in determining your website’s ranking in search engines as well. You will be helping your website or app rank better without putting in extreme conscious efforts. Google is obsessed with websites that have long visit-time and viewership. If the video views, clicks, and the rate are higher, the search engine giant rewards the website by ranking it higher. With explainer videos, you can make people stay longer at your website.

As we have already told, if the videos have been made in an interesting and informative way, there is no reason for people to not watch them completely. You will not only be easily explaining your software for people to start using it but increasing your online visibility too. To sum it up, SaaS promo videos force people to view, click and do certain actions on your website. Hence, your domain will be becoming stronger and ranking better in terms of authority.


While SEO only helps in marketing, properly crafted videos help in making your software and company a brand. The awareness regarding your brand increases, which creates a unique personality and help people identify you whenever they come across any content of yours. If you created certain characters or visual elements for your explainer video, we are sure you can lure people to think of yourself as something new and out of the box. Your software might be doing something different, but you can create a personal attachment and a brand by bringing and connecting customers emotionally through video content.

You’d think why we’re so confident that a custom explainer video for your SaaS would reap benefits, that’s because we’ve experienced it with our own tool! Just think of these simple explainer videos as a way to turn your fans and leads into customers and brand ambassadors. Your struggle to get registered and have your software known will be solved easier than you would have imagined.

Are you exploring the idea of making an explainer video for SAAS business? Let’s connect.

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