Explainer Videos are Must For Business Conferences

Vikas Tiwari
Vikas Tiwari
Explainer Videos Are Must For Business Conferences
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In this article, we will tell the significance of explainer videos in Business Conferences with the help of 10 hilarious explainer video examples.

Explainer videos are increasingly becoming a popular trend at business conferences. As these videos are played on a larger-than-life screen they are extremely effective in capturing the attention of the audience and making them hold their ground as they listen to the vital information and watch the eye-catching visuals unfolding in front of them.

Be it launching your product, visualizing the data of your research, delivering an important socio-economic message or telling the story of your organization, explainer videos have now become a must-have marketing tool for business conferences.

Let’s look at some of the best examples of how explainer videos are used at business conferences

1. Crazy Egg (Product Overview)

Crazy Egg, a very well-known web analytics tools provider chose to show their heat and scroll map tools at work in their explainer animation. By showing their target audience exactly what they’ll get for their money, the company succeeded in removing that aspect of buyer uncertainty from viewers.

This 2d animated video showcases the product’s features in a very effective way and presents a strong case for the brand in terms of how it solves the challenges of getting more and more website visitors to convert.

2. Mint.com (Promotional)

Mint.com is a personal-finance company. This gripping 2d promotional video takes viewers on a side-scrolling journey of the features Mint offers to its customers. The CTA at the end informs users that they can sign up and get started with Mint in less than five minutes. Because of the brisk and efficient nature of this video, viewers get the sense that the application is user-friendly and easy to manage.

3. Spotify (Brand Promo)

Music moves our souls and uplifts our minds. That is exactly what Spotify is about. The music streaming giant wanted to promote the brand by depicting what music means in our life. 

See how this 2d explainer video illustrates the fun and the sentiments attached to music while highlighting all the features and benefits of the platform.

4. Google (App Overview)

This 2d explainer video from Google highlights the features of the Google Assistant app for smart displays. The app has a slew of features and the AI engine it runs on, is pretty advanced and even seems to understand the context in which a question or comment is made by the user. Google is one company that has embraced explainer videos and uses it in almost every launch.

5. ZenCash (Service Explainer)

ZenCash automates the entire accounts’ receivable and collections processes. The online service allows you to automate invoice reminders such as printed invoices and phone calls, send personalized thank you notes, and even route default accounts to collections straight from the application.

See how this 2d explainer video showcases the online service’s benefits like speed payments, saving countless hours chasing receivables, and having more time to focus on what you love.

6. MasterCard (Service Explainer)

MasterCard is one of the world’s leading global payments and technology company. It connects consumers, businesses, merchants, and governments around the world financially.

This 2d animated explainer video for MasterCard uses a unique character design and a simple script to depict the importance and global impact of MasterCard, in billions of lives. This video aims to engage viewers and enlighten them with insightful bits of information illustrated in a very fun and light manner.

7. YouTube (Platform Overview)

YouTube is home to millions of content creators and media businesses. The goal was to help YouTube partners optimize their content, adhere to copyright guidelines, develop stronger audience followings, utilize social media, better understand analytics and strengthen their channel branding.

This 2d animated explainer video does a great job of evoking the true essence of YouTube’s platform while opening the conversation about the partner campaign and the plethora of benefits publishers can enjoy.

8. Zamroo (App Explainer)

Zamroo’s is a fast-growing mobile marketplace to buy and sell locally. Zamroo was launched to tackle the user-inconveniences in current online marketplaces like difficulty in browsing, expensive listing fees, and limited product variety users were looking for.

This 2d animated video talks about how Zamroocreates a simple and secure environment where buyers and sellers can easily trade goods at the palm of their hand, using the power of smartphones.

9. Vishesh Solutions (Service Overview)

Vishesh Solutions is a carpet cleaning solutions provider. It’s an elite carpet care services provider which uses top-notch CRI approved methods and techniques as compared to other agencies.

This 2d animated explainer video portrays a contrast between the generic methods implemented by the conventional agencies and the brand’s superior and innovative techniques like the hot water injection to remove carpet stains more effectively, presenting a strong case for the stakeholders and the customers.

10. Skillshare (Brand/Platform Awareness)

Skillshare is a community marketplace to learn anything from anyone. The brand believes that everyone has something they want to learn and something they can teach to others.

Skillshare created this 2d animated video to explain how our communities are really the greatest universities to learn anything new. It gives a walkthrough of how the platform helps make the exchange of knowledge easy, enriching, and fun.

Take Actions

These brands have deeply banked on animated explainer videos to sell their business stories to their stakeholders and create a long-lasting connection with their customers. They believe in the power of visuals to tell more than what’s possible through conventional mediums.

You too can create this magic for your brand/product and shepherd your business meetings to an inevitable success with your stakeholders, using the power of animated explainer videos.

At What a Story our team of professional writers, designers and animators will help you create such high-quality explainer videos that can help you generate more leads, boost sales, pitch to investors and create a unique brand value.

Over the years we have successfully delivered hundreds of videos for startups and well as enterprise-level companies like Kellogg’s, Cannon, Standard Chartered Bank, NBD Bank, Uber, ICRISAT and many more.

We can help you create videos for:

  • Brand Overview
  • Explaining Services & Solutions
  • Product Demos
  • Showcasing USP
  • Campaign videos. 
  • Data Visualization
  • Infographics. 
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Pricing Videos
  • Product Launch

If you are looking to create an explainer video or learn more about how explainer videos can add value to your business reach out to us, we will provide you with a free video strategy that will help you understand your ROI and convince your stakeholders of the effective impact and returns of explainer videos.

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